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Friendship over..!!! What To say *Tonight*

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Well for starters I'd first like too say that i didn't get my chance to say what i wanted o say last night, she never showed up, Very unusual...but have a feeling she is going to tonight, So my plans are still "concrete" to let her know i don't want to be friends..A little help on the Proposing of this, i have some ideas...just tell me whats the best.


1.) "Listen (Her name) You wont understanding Why I'm being this way because You not an understanding person, and You don't have time to listen, your too Busy with people who you consider your friends"


reason why i said the words "too Busy" or "i have plans" is because that was her excuse every time i asked her to hang-out (only 3 times) (*don't think that i was sounding desperate* ???) it was only 3 times.


2.) "You get pleasure out of leading guys on into thinking there are your friends" *walk away* and if she comes up again, Just Don't say anything...(ignore her completely)


3.) "Still playing me like a light switch aren't you...You know everyone has there time to shine, but without light there are nothing, and I'm definitely not a light, Off and On switches are bad circuitry for the heart"


4.) "Your a Fallacious person, and i don't associate myself with people like that, I have friends who occupy my time, and i see that your not one of them now"


5.) "Can't understand what you did yet......Can you, I'll make this simple to comprehend, You burned everything down, My feelings, The bridges of communication, my Confidence, my Spirt.. and Now it's made me a stronger person, Thank you and enjoy your life (her name)"


6.) "How about you act like I'm not someone to you, like the way you do outside of a personal contact." (walk away)


7.) "Your only making this harder on yourself, Just continue to think of me as (back-up)... and I'm the one moving forward without you in my mind."


8.) talk to her period:


If you have any GOOD, CREATIVE lines or saying you know OF please ADD them, i want it to HIT HOME WITH HER WHAT SHE DID, so she will hopefully change, and won't do it to others.

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Not going to work..? what didn't work was her being herself, that was The only thing I'm looking at, is WHY DO GIRLS KILL EVERYTHING WHEN A GUY SHOWS THEM EMOTION BACK...!!!


....it's Not fair, and mind games are not fair...It makes me very upset, and angry to think of what she did, how she is so flirtatious to me in person, and than so cold * ICE COLD* to me outside of a physical appearance, she never returned calls, says all the time she wants to hang-out but we never did...he lines became golden "I'm busy" or "I have plans" it was so obvious she wanted to NOT be rude, and attempt to let me down softly, without keeping it REAL, like i did from the Get-Go, i just say "i don't want to hangout with you" no reason would have been necessary i would of just accepted it. for what it was, and moved on. NOW you might be able to relate WHY i want to make up a smooth, creative way of telling her i don't want to be friends, Because it was her Creating an alternate way of saying "i don't want to hangout with you" See my insight now?

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All i'm sayin is just be up front with her. Yah I agree with you that mind games arent fair but I mean come on... Just because she played mind games doesnt mean that you have to go out and play minds game with her. Thats kind of immature, Just tell her straight up that what she has been doing is messed up and tell her how you feel. Show her That you are the bigger person. Thats all i'm saying. But I mean its your call do what makes you happy.



~ Angel ~

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let me make you understand this girl (no offense)


She says one thing, buts means another, and it's not fair...to me or anyone else she comes into contact with, She is attractive, and she knows it...but hide it behind saying "I'm self conscious" she has been married, and divorced, he Husband cheated on her, which leads me to believe it's hard for her to trust again. so i see it like this...


she gets as much attention from guys as she can, you can't blame her...she ended a 1 yr marriage, and is now living her life the way she wants, i quote her by saying "I'm not tied down to anyone" when she told me that it gave me a lot of understanding, I asked her only 3 times to hangout...never said OK how about...blah.blah, that NEVER happened...NOW i told her about this. and explained to her that i was feeling like i wasn't being excepted for who i was, and that she didn't see me as a friend. at that point she THEN made an effort to hang out by saying. This conversation Took place on last week Sunday


HER "well i understand what your saying. I'm a very busy girl Sail, and i don't Have anything planned for next week Saturday" which is today...i than said well maybe we can do lunch, or casual dinner, she said "yea something like that I'll call you Friday to make things Solid" She never called, End of story, end of it Forever, i can't take this,.and i wont continue to play Mr. Bliss towards her anymore, and shower her with attention like iv 'e done in the past...I'm Threw...She is so out of pocket

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I'd just tell her very bluntly that friendship, like anything else, takes effort on the part of BOTH people to make it work - no effort from her means there's no viable friendship, and you're not so desperate for friends that you'll settle for that. If she changes her mind, she can let you know, but you're done trying under these conditions. Even she should be able to grasp that

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I'm going to give you a differing opinion. It sounds to me that because you feel the need to tell her anything that you have strong feelings for her. The problem is she doesn't seem to have feelings for you.


If it were me, and it's not, I would cease all contact with her and let her make the next move. You're trying too hard for someone who doesn't appreciate it. If you are to ever have a realtionship whether girlfriend/boyfriend or just friends, it's going to take both of you. If she's not involved it's just you obsesing.


Again, just me, but I'd wouldn't do anything. Don't call, don't answer her calls or e-mails. If you do this something interesting will happen. Either she'll contact you wondering where and how you are OR you'll have moved on and you won't care.


But that's me.

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