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Vent: So Mad Right Now.


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My job, is a client based job. I get clients, and I support them through job search and leisure involvement, and job maintenance.


Two months ago someone else's client decided to see what their agent would look like with a stick coming out of their head. Twenty stitches later, the agent is gone, and the client remains with my organization.


NOW I find out that this client is being put on MY caseload! Even though I was very vocal, saying I didn't even think this client should remain with our agency.


Any how does my supervisor tell me about this change?! She doesn't!! I find out by looking at the schedule and hearing it about it from other supervisors as if it's common knowledge.


I am just so pissed off at my boss, and my whole stupid organization.

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Umm does your organization deal with people with disabilities, particularly those with mental problems?



If so I guess that kind of goes with the territory, in the meantime I'd tell your boss that you refuse to work with this client due to violent history even if it means your job. Your safety and your life are far more important than your job. Make sure you tell your boss that.

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