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Information on Pills Overdose.


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I can't find this information anywhere. I need to know, what pills to take (combination if needed), how many,

and how long before it kills me. Please, I need to know. If noone here can help me please redirect me to

a site that can. PLEASE. I've thought about this for too long now. I need answers, and I need to finally take


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Whatever pain you're experiencing that is making you feel this way can be overcome. A lot of people have suicidal thoughts at your age, but a lot of times life does get better later on. I hope you will make the choice to live and see what life has to offer you in the many years ahead of you.

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Here is a link to a suicide prevention center in Canada. I don't know where you live in Canada.


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I was suicidal when I was 17. I took some valium with alcohol. I told my parents or the police got called by my GF. I don't remember which. The police came and did nothing. My father dragged me over the house all night long to keep me from dying. The next day they put me in the hospital for a month.


What worked for me in later years was to make a deal with myself. Postpone things for one year. I told myself if my life were still horrible then, I could do it. Meanwhile, I got help. Life is worth living, even if a person hates it at times. Please do not exercise a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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See there is a way to calculate the LD required to kill a person of a given age, but there are so many factors. Personally I will not tell you of anything more than that as I am not going to advocate anything you wish to do whether or not it will make a difference in your choice or not.


I will tell you though what it was like for me to go through the excruciating pain associated with a night of overdose. See I knew in my head that there is a dangerous amount of pills one could take at any given time and I very well could have played it safe, but I didn't. I ended up overdoing the amount of painkillers I was taking in order to stave off a sharp pain in my leg. The problem though was that I was also drinking that night and I knew it was silly of me to mix booze and pills, but personally I didn't feel in the mood to care too much as I didn't expect too much to happen.


What did happen though was a night I'll never forget. I remember my ears began to go deaf and muffled with such a tremendous ringing in my ear it was like I was standing in front of a club speaker all night with the music cranked to max. I mean this combination made it IMPOSSIBLE to talk to anyone because it sounded like trying to hear a conversation through a thick wall with the unbearable sound of ringing.


This was the first of it as then came the sweats. The feeling like I was insanely hot yet cold. Almost like how you get when you are sick with the flu; sweaty, hot, clammy. I remember how I was sitting there breathing heavily trying to fall asleep but I couldn't as I was really tired, but my mind was awake like I had been drinking too much caffeine. Then that's when my stomach was really getting upset and I couldn't just lie in bed anymore. I had to rush to the bathroom to well upchuck and this lasted for a while. I figured it was the combination of booze and the pain killers that did it to me. I wasn't worried yet because I thought maybe I drank too much as I did really drink a lot. I know I know it wasn't my proudest moment in my life.


Suffice to say that wasn't even the worst of it. Not even close as when the night progressed I remember I just periodically had to run to the washroom. It was about every 15-30 minutes I was going in there. One thing I noticed was that I was getting worse. My breathing became more rushed and hurried. My heart was pounding in my chest and I remember my vision going very off. Like when you literally haven't slept for days and its hard to focus/concentrate on anything. Things just didn't make sense to me. Like I could look at things in the bathroom but it just wasn't coming to me I remember standing there at this point going something isn't right. I know what was in front of me but I couldn't tell what was in front of me. I was very delusional at this point.


I remember how much pain my mid section was in at this point because of the extent of which I was ridding myself of my stomach contents. It was just about the time when I couldn't take anymore of it when I started to dry heave and my stomach was just spasming and forcing me to try to release fluids of which not very much came out. Just whatever tiny bit of fluid was left.


This is when it got really scary because I was almost deaf at this point and my body was cold and so clammy. I remembered standing there thinking omg something is not right. I was afraid to look at myself in the mirror and so I finally did. My skin was yellowish in colour and my face was drawn and I couldn't truly recognize myself in the mirror. It was me and I knew it was me but yet my mind couldn't tell it was me. My vision was so strange and bizarre it literally was beginning to look lucid, like in a dream world. I remember my sister banging on the bathroom door in the morning asking me if I was ok but I honestly couldn't hear anything other than the muffled sound of a females voice. It really sounded like how you would hear them talk on Charlie Brown. It was so indistinguishable I had to just speak and hope she understood what I was saying.


Right now I felt like I was in some big trouble and I wasn't sure what my condition was. I was brought to the hospital by my sister, god bless her soul, who was kind enough to take time off to bring me in. I remember sitting there feeling like I had the worst feeling I ever felt. I remember that while I was there I noticed I was starting to bring up blood and even then I had to wait for almost an hour to get in. I was sooo cold and in such pain and such disorientation I honestly was worried I wasn't going to make it. I had this antsy feeling that was so scary. I was fighting so hard to stay conscious and had to breathe just right in order not to pass out.


Finally I was called in and I thought the worst was over as I had felt so sick I didn't think it was as bad as I was about to hear it was. Turns out that after they were able to start stabilizing my system it was found that I was dangerously close to death and that they had to thank the fact I was young and healthy that I was alive that day because by all means I should have been dead. That night marks the most arduous day of my entire life. I ended up staying in the hospital for 3 days and not even knowing it. I kept drifting in and out of consciousness while they tried to prevent my kidneys from failing and myself from falling into a coma. I don't even really remember the fact that my family was by my side most of the time. It was scary because I would wake up, it would be sunny outside and my mom or my brothers would be there. I would pass out and wake up with mood lighting on and it being pitch dark outside. I would almost freak out because no one I knew was there.


I hope you reconsider what you're thinking about doing and understand what it is that you do to yourself, your friends, your family and anyone else that loves you. This was something I'd wish not even my worst enemies should face. I would never wish this sort of pain and torture and experience on anyone and I cannot imagine someone would willfully want to do this to themselves and face death this way.


I know I can say whatever it is I want and think will help you, but anything in life is your choice and you are in control of your destiny. I would be happy knowing you decided not to take this route, but it would only matter to you what you truly want to do for yourself. I can't stop you. Your family can't stop you. They can lock you away or send you off or drug you or do whatever they think they have to, but that still won't change your true intent if you're that adamant about it. I only would want you to know that there is more to life than meets the eye. Its a hard life to live. One thing to remember is that the true you chose the life you live. And its that same you that continues to choose how you live this life.


I know that if I had actually died I would have felt like I wasted a perfectly good life and that I would do it all over again, only I wouldn't have chose to mix things like I did and I would have made a decision that didn't cost me my life. Thankfully I am still alive today and with very few residual effects. I'm grateful for the opportunity to live my life relatively unscathed by what had happened to me and I honestly look at things with a new light.

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Never give up. I have severe depression, several times I have tried to kill myself. Than you come to realize how much it would kill your family to have you gone, the kids you will never get to have, the husband/wife you will never get to marry, the people you are leaving behind. It's not worth all the pain. Trust me. You may think you are weak, but you are and can be strong. You're an angel who belongs on earth because you're not ready for heaven yet! Stay happy and stay bright! Keep your chin up! its always going to get worse before it gets better. I've heard that a thousand times and never believe it. It's still getting worse for me, but you have to trust everyone who is trying to help you, because when in this position, you can't trust yourself, but you need to tell yourself that you WANT to get better, and than believe it. Trust me.. please!! Stay strong and bright!!!!!!!!!!!!

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