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Lost...training the brain to new life

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Sorry if this turns into a rant...


We all seem to share the same problems in breakups, we all try and keep busy, go out, do work, do excersise...yet still there is a strange emptyness/not right feeling in the belly, you cant escape from knowing somethings missing


We wake first thing in the morning, not sure if its still off, or are we back together now?


We remember all the good times, totaly forget the bad, and wish for anything to go back, even with all the pain and horrible its better than being alone


..and the biggy we all think we'll never find anybody else.


NC Kills us, wondering what they are upto...do they miss us? are they waiting for us to text?


We check our phone every 5 minutes, hoping praying there will be something, and hoping there wont.


We want a quick fix, I just dont think there is one. We have to just battle on, keep the brain busy so space has to be made for new stuff in the hope that some of the old will be replaced........


Gosh got myself a bit down tonight. I think a good cry helps...why the hell is it SOOO easy to remember all the good times?



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Its easy to remember the good times because they are attached to the feelings that allowed you to develop your feeling of love towards your significant other. Which is why what is so helpful is writing down on one piece of paper the facts of who this person was and what they did and then write down who you thought they could be.


I agree that the pain can linger but I believe that has to do with you much we respect ourselves. The more self respect I got from NC, the easier it was to move on. I love NC. I accept I will never reach out to my ex again. She doesn't deserve me and more importantly I deserved better.


The beauty is knowing there is no quick fix. The beauty is growing through the pain. Becoming a better person because of the pain. Changing what you didn't like about yourself and holding onto everything you do love about yourself.


If you can appreciate the journey in life as much as the end goal, then the empty feeling disappears and the joy of living life every day despite ups and downs becomes yours and that is something you can share with a new love one day.

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Blimey its so hard, I like to think im in control of myself, but sometimes I keep relapsing back and yearning, thinking, wanting, remembering everysingle lovely fantastic memory


and finding it so difficult to remember any of the bad, maybe i should make a list. Im driving myself mad...forcing myself out, forcing myself to work, to eat and keep busy

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