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She Loves You, She Loves You Not?


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Okay, so you're not a petal pulling kind of guy. This list will help clarify whether or not she truly loves you without having to pluck a daisy. See which of those below apply to your situation to determine her true feelings! If it turns out that she loves you, don't blow it!!


1- She loves you ... She shows interest in your work or hobby


" She may not have an avid interest in the minute details of the circuit board of the latest super computer. She may not understand the almost religious nature of the deep rumble of a true Harley-Davidson. But she will enthusiastically listen to you talk about it for hours and is even willing to accompany you to all the conventions that come to town. "


2- She loves you not ... She never returns your calls.


3- She loves you not ... If she's not ever returning a single message you leave at work or at home; or she recently invested in a caller ID unit and suddenly you can never reach her by phone, give it up. This is not a subtle hint that her life is super busy, but rather, a blatant effort to avoid you.


4- She loves you ... She brags about you to her family & friends


5- She loves you ... How often do you hear her bragging about you, your job, your talents, your ideas? Do others mention that she was just saying the other day how wonderful you are?


6- She loves you not ... She avoids public places with you.


7- She loves you ... Does she try to make your good, honest job sound more important to others? Does she wear flats only when she's out with you to give the impression to others that you are closer in height? Does she never let you select your own clothes for dates, not even occasionally? Either you're a really tacky dresser or she's not quite comfortable with people knowing the real you.


8- She loves you ... She is willing to share you with your favorite pastime


9- She loves you ... She may not be a sports fanatic but she's perfectly willing to let you go off and enjoy games with your friends. She'll even join you every now and again to cheer on your favorite team.


10- She loves you not ... She says "Let's just be friends".


11- She loves you not ... If you get that infamous line - "I just want to be friends" - you are dead in the water. What she's really saying is - "I have absolutely no lust for you and am horrified at the thought of swapping spit let alone anything else with you, but hey, if I'm bored on a Saturday night, sure, you can treat me to a movie and dinner. Oh, and don't pick me up late, you loser."


12- She loves you ... She makes an effort to like your friends


13- She loves you ... She may have to grit her teeth but she will make a concerted effort to like your friends because they're important to you.


14- She loves you not ... She is an avid follower of "The Rules".


15- She loves you not ... If she follows "The Rules" with a zealot's fervor, beware. This is manipulation at it's absolute finest.


16- She loves you ... She is always there for you


17- She loves you ... No matter what's going on in your life (or hers), she encourages your dreams, supports your decisions and gives you great backrubs.


18- She loves you not ... She is a material girl.


19- She loves you not ... If she runs out at the mere thought that your money might be running out, say good riddance and let her go. You're better off without her.


20- She loves you ... She says so, even after you've acted like a complete jerk!

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does that work for he loves you and he loves you not also?


i would have to say you made some great points there but i wouldnt say love is summed up in the amount or what words you have used. how do you know that these are accurate you would hope they did or didnt happen but how do you know that defines true love. wouldnt these themselves be a set of rules to follow? to be accurate and ensure each is looked over and done correctly or not at all. because to me there should be no rules just an understanding from the beginning that doesnt need to be said just obided at all attempts.


nice way of checking though lol.


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The famous three words we never hear enough of in our life. Throughout our life span we keep looking, waiting and hoping for something to take us, or lead us, to our true love. Have you ever wondered where we can find love? .


What really is this word "Love" that we keep repeating to that someone special in our lives? How many times do you tell your partner "I love you"? Do you really mean it, or do you just like to hear yourself speak? Or, is it just being said because it is part of the vocabulary that your partner likes to hear, or that helps make them feel secure about themselves. So what's love in the first place? What does love mean to you? Where can we find it?



Before looking for answers, we need to establish things ourselves and understand the meaning of the word "LOVE".


Love, in my point of view, is a flow of energy between two people that can bring awareness of their existence on this planet together, and this helps their relationship, and the harmony between them, to grow. If love is a flow of energy, basically it is not costing you anything so why do we hold ourselves back from truly sharing that love with someone else. Vulnerability, security, or maybe fears prevent us, but how hard are we really trying to achieve "true love"?


Love is already in your own backyard and we seem to have a hard time accepting this. To be able to accept love we need to learn how to give it in the first place. Love already exists in our "being" as humans share the most precious, intimate and secret jewel that is in our soul, our growth, and our spirit.


How much do you love yourself, or accept yourself for who you are? I am not introducing this question in an egoistic or selfish way. The amount of love you attract is really a reflection of the amount you give to others. We mirror what is already in us. You cannot get love from what you don't have in yourself in the first place. The amount of time and effort you are willing to put into accepting, or inviting, true love to yourself is the same amount you are already accepting or giving to yourself? Are you ready to be in love? Ask yourself this question. Let go of your pride and fears, and invest in yourself. Think about it!


Now again comes the question - do you really mean it when you say to someone that you love him or her? Of course in my opinion, you need to distinguish between real love and infatuation. A person that showers his or her partner with material things or gifts usually has two motives. First, he or she is substituting one thing they can't offer to their partner (love) and second he or she is hiding something from their partner (finding love somewhere else). Where am I going with this, just to say that love has no value attached to it? Either you give love from your soul or you don't. Let's just stop kidding ourselves by living a fancy unreal life. Love has no monetary value attached to it otherwise it would not be love. Love is a flow of energy so how can we place a price on it.


Until you find true love in your own heart, embrace every moment and enjoy your exploration of life and what it can bring to you.


Remember, love someone for who they are and not for the way you want them to be. Appreciate them as human souls. Happy discovery!!

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i would have to say now that what you have put there shows that you have more depth into the meaning or at least an attempt into descibing it in your own words, from before hand i got a negative description of how you was to put that together.


to the answers of some of your questions.

why do i say i love you?

to me this is a word that is pure and full of meaning, i am offended when someone understates the word as i can truly say i have been in love, in new it in my heart, emotions, feeling, and belonging with that person, it was something that was used, and could be felt without being said.


now in a fresh relationship i have yet to use or feel those words, to understand or attempt in saying them. unfortunatley tome, which could be seen as selfish, i will not say iu love you to make someone feel better but only out of my soul and heart will i say it.


what i love?

i would deffinitley have to agree with your attempts of interpriting it, and in the passage aforesaid that is part of my attempt. i would say that there are any real words to define it, but to me a presense a understanding and part of two people which joins them together. a will to have nothing, desire nothing, but to be with that one person. to understand, relate and feel what they are going through is of all parts to me what love is.


but how long does it take to find it? this is unique to the person, would it be an understatement to fall in love in a month? no but it would to say you had fallen in love with someone after a year and not mean it.


i would like to say that i thought it was quite rude of you to ask did i just like to hear myself speak, and well to this particular topic no i do not, i would say this and show this because i really meant it.


i love myself to the degree that i wish to, and to me that s personal, i love someone else for who they are not a reflection on myself.


i would have to say the best thing you said in you post was the following:

Until you find true love in your own heart, embrace every moment and enjoy your exploration of life and what it can bring to you.


Remember, love someone for who they are and not for the way you want them to be. Appreciate them as human souls. Happy discovery!!


thankyou and well thats just my opinion.


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