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what am I supposed to do now? Help me out.

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Hi, lately Ive been posting about this girl and wondering whether or not she likes me. Heres a link to a previous post link removed


Anyway, last night she came over to my house. We watched a movie together and we drank a little bit. We both got kind of drunk. I dont really remember how it happened...it was all a blur, lol. But she admitted to me that she liked me. She said that shes told 3 of her friends that she likes me and she kissed me first on the cheek. I admitted that I liked her and she came up and kissed me right on the lips. We started talking and I kissed her, she kissed me. My problem now is, at the end of the night she was laying on my arm and we were holding hands and she asked, "so, what now?" I asked if she wanted to start going out and she said yes. Now, its the next morning...and Im just wondering how sincere was everything that was said. I mean we were both kind of drunk. I was wondering how I should handle monday when I see her again. Should I act like we're going out or what? Also, the truth is...I'm 17 and Ive never had a girlfriend and shes had 3 boyfriends. Can anyone help me out on what to do and how to act around her now?

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hey ...


all what you have to do is that ....


1- don't talk about it ... and try to make her start .. because if she did not start with it .. that means she don't remmber or even tring to hide it ... and you don't want to force the girl to do anything ...


2- stay close to her ... she will feel that you really want her ... if she remmbers ....


3- girls like to go out with confedint men .. so don't show her that your all over her .... give her time and space ...


4- if she did not talk about it ... try to open the subject but in a away that shows you can't remmber what happen that day ... but you remmber it was something nice ... and you really enjoyed the time with her ...


sorry about my english ....


hope that will help you ...



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When you see her, ask her for her weight, how many drinks she had, and in how much time, and go on a BAC calculator website. If Her BAC comes out to less than 0.08% then she wasn't drunk enough to be lying.


Lol just kidding. Just act as if nothing has changed between the two of you. Watch to see her reaction when she sees you. If it was sincere and she meant it, she will make her move.


Hope this helps,



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