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lets cut the crunk

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I've read several posts on here and I must admit there are some very helpful people, but in essense all that advice is basically to become a "player", to disregard others feelings and care about your own, to deny the God given desire to be monogamous...and I for one think it's wrong, as a board and as a society as a whole to support and repeat these views, this mantra of "move on, find another", would God approve?


Rather we should shun those who cheat, who play games and are not true.


This problem has begun in the courts and has propagated it's way into mainstream society. {sic}


when a woman divorces a man for anything other than cheating or abuse she in no way should be automatically entitled to 1/2 of what he owns, this only propagates "gold diggers", ie "The queen of diamonds" vs what women should aspire to and that is being a "Queen of Hearts"...too many Anna Nicole's out there digging for gold and subverting the foundation of a righteous society.


and in our schools today, when to love birds are found out they should be forced to marry, this would end casual sex, much teenage pregnancy, heartbreaks and players. extreme, ya, but look at the end results, the outcomes of each philosophy...either the propagation of the family unit or the further degradation of society.


your comments welcome.

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I somewhat agree...


I used to be religious, but for many reasons I don't care to list, I'm not anymore.


I agree that society is going down the tubes. I also agree that the world seems different for some reason. I can't seem to put my finger on it, and maybe it's just because I'm getting older, but the world certainly doesn't seem to be the same place it was when I was younger.


But to the OP, I won't get too deep, but let me just say that people that play games, cheaters, etc...I honestly don't think they were born this way.


Yes, there are people out there that have no conscious and love to play with people's feelings and don't care if they hurt someone.


But love is a very complicated emotion. And with it brings a lot of confusion. Just consider this example: you're madly in love with someone that was madly in love with you. As the years roll on, the love of your life begins to pull away from you and you don't think your partner feels the same anymore. You want to break up, but you're afraid to. They start staying out all night and soon you aren't important anymore. You finally decide to break things off. After a period of mourning, you decide you want to start dating again. But then suddenly your ex comes back and wants to reconcile. You've started dating someone new, but your heart is with your ex. You're probably going to hurt your new partner. But are you a player in this situation? Are you cheating on your new partner because your heart is still with your ex?


I think it's easy to start making generalizations about things, and yes, there are some bad people out there.


But all I'm saying is a few bad experiences sometimes in turn make you behave badly. Most people who act like this weren't born this way...they're probably just heartbroken.

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I've gone back and read the few threads you've posted in and judging from what you've said above, I don't think you read them very carefully. You also sound extremely angry at someone, I say that based on your post in the thread "What do you want to say to your ex".


I suggest you go back and carefully read several of the threads on ENA before making such an insulting statement to the hundreds of people who are part of this wonderful community of people who both reach out for help and try to help eachother.

Your statement is not based on fact.


You sound like a bit of a zealot to me. I think you're in need of an intense session of de-programming!


Edit: I said hundreds of members....that should be changed to read around 67,000. That's alot of people to for you to judge.

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