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This is going to sound like such a sterotypical situation, but I was wondering if theres a way for a 16 year old boy to find out if he was adopted or not without asking his parents.


My boyfriend has always wondered whether or not he was adoted or not. He looks nothing like anyone in his whole family tree. He's even sooo much darker than his parents and his older sister. So I was wondering if anyone knows a good website or some way to find out. He's done tons of snooping and never found pictures of him as a newborn.



Please tell me if you have any good ideas. And please don't just say "He's not adopted. Get over it". Thanks!

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If he still lives in/near the county where he was born, he could go to the county clerks office and request copies of his birth certificate and see if there are any adoption papers filed. He can also find out his parents' blood types and see if his matches (it has to match one or both.) Other than that, I think he'll just have to ask.


That being said, I basically look like no one in my immediate family, either. I have no first cousins as both of my parents were only children so I only have them and my 2 brothers to compare myself to. Then again, my brothers are the only 2 people who look alike and neither of them looks like either of my parents.....

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