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Some Valentines Day advice please!!!


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Hello, My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over two months now and I really want to do something special for Valentines Day. We really never go on dates or anything because were both homebodys. I asked him what we should do to which he replied he didn't know...were both 17 and don't have cars so going anywhere is kinda out of the question...I don't know what to do but I don't want to 'just have sex' any one have any suggestions for a slightly romantic valentines day at home? Much appreciated thanks!!

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First, awesome profile pic.


The below is post I put on another thread that you would obviously have to tailour to your situation, the general idea being to entice him over the day and involve love-making not necessarily meaning sex beforehand:


Something you could do....


Take a pic of yourself in said lingerie and tack it to his car, jacket pocket, etc


Send a note to him somehow reminding him how forgetful you can sometimes be and lose things


Near the door have a trail made of the lingerie along the floor (separated by petals of some sort) starting with a note that reads similar to:


"You know how forgetful I can be and how easily I can lose things, I went to get a snack and seemed to have misplaced it too"


Place assorted fruit bowl and whip cream case/chocolate sauce case "on the trail" leading to wherever the magic is happening, leave another note saying:


"I was also hoping to warm up" and, lo and behold, on the trail are some candles, massaging oils, and a match/lighter


The trail leads to a CD of some mood music with a note stating how you love to listen to good music with good *insert beverage* and have 2 glasses and the container of the beverage.


Also have a basket next to the front door's note so he can carry all the items


That's an example of how to go about things














Personally, I took my girlfriend out to dinner, saw a sappy movie tear-jerker, and then went bowling and drove around a bit. Was enjoyable for us. Maybe you both should go out to dinner and dress up for it?

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ok. he's asking you to have sex for Valentine's day? ok. not the most romantic thing...

don't feel pressured into having sex with him until you are ready.


I'd suggest you both cook together and watch a romantic comedy or something. put together a nice menu of simple Valentine's day goodies...maybe a double chocolate cake or get heart shaped cookie cutters and bake cookie together and frost them together, too.


a nice salad with strawberries, gorgonzola cheese, candied walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette


french bread


chocolate covered strawberries


chicken or main course with some veggies


and then rent a nice romantic film or something where you can cuddle on the couch.

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