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if a guy is willing to go out with a virgin ...

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I was hoping some people could help me see from other points of view....


if your a guy and you meet a girl you like but shes a virgin but is 19 and you are gettin into a relationship would you go out with her in hope that she will change her mind with you and hopefully you can further the relationship with her with intamcy also or do you think if a guy is willing to go out with a virgin that he must really really like her??????????

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First thing there is nothing wrong with beening a vergin I am one and I am 20. Know what not all of us guys are out there trying to get some sex. I had to say that real quick. I dont look at it that way I wont date someone unless I like them, you should not date someone just to have sex with them. Dont bring your self down if you dont want to have sex then dont. Have you thought that he might like you for who you are? But I all so knoe that there is alot of guys out there that are not like me and are just out there to have sex. The girls that I go after I dont want them to have sex with me just becouse they think that they should I want them to be ready to have sex they have to want to have sex. On a side note I am scared of sex. Sounds weard coming from a guy but I am. Do do something that you will regret. Have sex when your ready not when the guy wants some. You have to be ready too. I hope that this helps.

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It's the typical stereotype that all guys are out for one thing, which of course is not true, although for a woman to believe that, a guy would defenitly have to prove other wise, i say sex is'nt important until their is an equalibrium of love between a couple, it takes two, if your both in love, then making love, hense sex would be a way to step up the relationship, but if the guy is preasuring for sex, then this is what happens.. . So just run with it, do new things together, have those important one on ones, find out about the person, earn their trust, and vise versa, take it slow and easy, with time will come your answer, don't jump to conclusions, they lead to doubts and lingering doubts can ruin a relationship, so just run with it, see where it takes you, because no matter what, you'll never know the truth unless you experience it, don't throw it away because your uncertain, you could be throwing away something valuable such as true love.

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first off..i completely agree with ash...sorry im not male but still. i dont see the reason for attempting to get intimate with someone if you dont truly truly like them anyway. that would just be playing with someone elses emotions. if she is a virgin obviously through her own choice then why would she want to get intimate with you if you had no intent on truly liking her? wouldnt that defeat the object of her being a virgin today?


this could be completely wrong, but i just want to know your answer to ash's question...what are you looking for?


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