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i dont last long at all in bed


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hey there, im 18 and have been with my gf for over 3 years now. And im getting sick of the time i last, when we first started having sex i could last up to over an hour. but now im lucky to last 30 seconds, i feel like a failure and see the dissipointment in her eyes when its over.

I couldnt explain why all of a sudded my performance was pathetic. but i snapped my frenilium or some people call it (banjo) , and it seems ever since then i am the way i am, its like a curse!!!




I would be very greatfull if anyone could give me good advise to last at least 20 mins and not half a min.


thanks dan

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I don't think an hour is average. The one time you lasted half a minute, maybe it started getting into your head and you pressure yourself to perform that well again every time. It can be a psychological thing. If you give her an orgasm beforehand or get her started, it might take some of the pressure off of you.


There are times when I feel like I can go on forever, or stop eventually because I feel like it's never going to happen (my gf doesn't like for it to go on too long because I'm a bit bigger than average and it hurts her sometimes, and she gets very sore afterwards). But I get her started for a few minutes, and she almost always comes before I do (after a few more minutes), but there are times when I only last a couple of minutes and have to wait a minute or two before I can get back up again to get her off. I'm still not sure what it is that makes me come that quickly every so often, but it's happened the last two times. But what cleo_gurl said is advice I've most often gotten, and it tends to help.

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Well, there are some anti depressant medications that will delay ejaculation. I took Celexa which is and AD and I went to my doc because it was taking me forever to cum. It was then that he informed me that in addition to being an AD it is used for premature ejaculators. I can tell you from first hand experience it really does make you last longer. In fact, it would take so much stimulation for me to reach orgasm that when I finally did climax the orgasm was incredible.


I'm not a premature ejaculator but from my experience with the drug I'd guess that it would add a substantial amount of time to your hang time. Sometimes I couldn't cum at all which caused a whole other problem, but if you're a quick shot then I think it might be perfect for you. I don't know. Ask your doc.


Another thing you can do is retrain your penis. The reason you're a PE'er is that you've trained your memeber to 'think' that cumming is the goal of sex. Search google for "edging" and try some of those methods. It'll probably be hard as hell seeing that you're so young and your libo is probably pretty crazy.


good luck

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best thing to do. have her give you oral to where you are about to finish. wait a few seconds. you will be ready to bang for a long time.


That technique is a little ambition, though, I'd say. But it could be worth a shot. Its basically giving yourself a faux orgasm, where you get so close to the finish line that your brain sends out the signals/chemicals that are released upon orgasm.... even though you haven't actually hit it, jsut gotten really close. When it subsides, you should be able to go again for quite a while, despite having not climaxed, just that your brain thinks you have.

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You've just trained your penis to cum in short amount of time.


This is the second post where a guy used to last a half hour and now is doing seconds... I don't get it. The more I get used to the same vagina the longer I last. Because the first time im all in the mood so much that I just explode. Over time im still in the mood its just not as new or not as hot so I last longer.


Try masturbating daily for a couple weeks. Make sure you last 15 minutes or more. It may seem like a long time as I know, if you've touched yourself like a normal teen did, you can get yourself off in a couple minutes if that. Try making it last longer and your penis will become more adapted to cuming in 15minutes instead of seconds.


Also try not to think about cumming too soon. Or better yet dont think about cumming at all during sex. Make your main goal getting your partner off. This will take your mind off worrying about cumming too soon and put your mind more into making it last long enough to get your partner off.


I've trained my penis so much to wait for my partner that as soon as she says shes cumming its like impulse cumming for me. Its quite hilarious. Thats why I just tell her to shut up about cumming unless shes actually cumming. Cause sometimes she'll say she is but is just close to it. And ill end up blowing my load and she'll end up left unsatisfied.


Now i've told you the secret go out and use it.

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30 seconds..... MAN, I canot go more than 3.5 seconds.. HA. Naw man, it is what it is. If you know you are gonna be having sex maybe rub one out about 30 minutes prior or, clean off and keep going. The second time around will last longer. everyone has different levels and sensetivities. However, if you cannot go after your first yogurt slinging shot, then umm. damN! Just put on another condom and keep going...

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best thing to do. have her give you oral to where you are about to finish. wait a few seconds. you will be ready to bang for a long time.


I agree, it may be too ambitious but give it a try. I have tried this with my beau before and what happens is he loses it alright and doesn't cum, but it's hard for him to stay hard. Plus, I think he piles on the anxiety and it's hard for us to get a great session going.


Maybe just trying to pinpoint what makes you cum? What turns you on? What part of sex gets you to that point? Is it her body? Her moans? Her excitement? If you figure it out to be anything like the above, maybe experiment a little... turn the lights off if it's her body that makes you explode... See if she can tone down her moans a little if the audio gets you revved...


Just suggestions, sorry I can't help more. I don't even know how you boys walk around with those things. They seem to REALLY have a mind of their own.

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