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Going on a 1st Date in 2 Hours and Very Nervous as Usual because....


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It wasn't planned ast all, it was kind of a spontaneous type of thing because we only have talked on the phone 3 times and my plan today was to relax and watch tv and get ready for tomorrow. But she was like-"do you want to meet up today? And I really didn't want to say no but it is 26 Degrees and I just wanted to stay home. I hate first dates so much. So we will be meeting at a coffee house in 2 hours and I will have to try and recycle a outfit because I didn't have a chance to buy anything new. I did mention to her that I'm shy so she knows what to expect.



I will talk about it once I get back

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Let's us know how it goes. All i can suggest for you for now is to relax and not get so uptight and annoyed over little things. That will help you a great deal.


First meet ups at coffee houses during the day are great because they allow you to meet the person but no commitment to hang out too long and if it does work out you can discuss plans for a first "real" date.

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Well I just got back and I was still NERVOUS and SHAKY on the date which is omething I hate but I eventually relaxed and we talked for 2 hours and was face to face with strong eye contact and our legs were touching underneath the table. Defintely a mutual attraction and we plan to see each other again tomorrow

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Yes we both like the same tv comedies, we both love winter time, and love to cuddle and watch movies


ohhhhhh K. i was thinking more like did you feel the connection? but you have some common likes....that's always good.


i just hope it wasn't like 'i love movies.' 'omg, so do i.' then silence again.

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