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My Date....


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So, for those of you who read my other post here is updated info!


I can actually say i had a pretty good night! I was really nervous being the shy girl i am that i would mess everything up by being quiet or not speaking.


However i managed to relax and just be myself I think my inner confidence really shone.


He picked me up from my house at 7 as planned. We went to the cinema (he happened to txt me asking me what films i liked before hand and arranging a cinema time so that took care of things! )


Afterwards we played pool for a little bit got to know each other better which actually was pretty fun i enjoyed it Realised we have a few things in common


After that we went for a drink in the pub and he dropped me back home. There were obviously some silences throughout the night but not too many and whenever there was i was pretty good at thinking of something to say, as was he.


I wasn't sure what to think when i got home there were parts throughout the night i thought im in with a shot here and other times when i thought 'does he actually like me?' I remember him saying 'we can go after this drink if you want' I felt fairly disappointed at,that as though he was bored and wanted to go home? We were out for about 3/4 hours in total.


Although there were other times that i thought 'oh maybe he does' for example he told me he had checked out my myspace to see the sort of things i was into so he could try and plan what to do on the date. He also told me that he had tryed to ask my friend questions about me (all this was said in a non creepy way btw! I know how it must sound lol...context.)


Throughout the night he referenced about three of four times of meeting up again. I remember we were talking about this food place and he said ive never been, i was gobsmacked lol and he said 'well you'll have to take me some time' he also said things like 'yeah, you should meet my friends at some point' although i dont know whether something like that was just polite convo? Not entirely sure. Opinions?


He did ask me if i enjoyed the night and i said yeah it was good! And i asked him whether he did...well he paused for say a second and then said 'yeah, well it was better then anything else i was gonna do tonight'. I didn't really know what to make of that? Made me feel a little hm?


Nothing happened between us i.e holding hands etc. I felt a bit silly after i said goodbye i didn't even look at him, i just asked him to txt me again if he wanted to go out and he said sure then i sorta left....afterwards i complained to someone about not getting a goodnight kiss ...i realised i never gave him the chance!


Well i was fretting about this...i decided to txt him just thanking him for the night and telling him i had a good time just to make sure he didnt think i wasnt interested. He text me back this morning saying sorry he didnt text back the night before he fell asleep and that he is sorry if any part of the night was awkard? Then he asked if i wanted to do something again sometime I have accepted.


I can't help but wonder though whether he feels like he should go out again cause he is close with my friend and feels obliged? Or because he doesnt want to hurt me. Maybe i am just thinking negatively but i cant help it.


Any takes on this? Thanks

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sounds like a normal start. do something more fun next time, plan it up with him if he doesn't suggest something . flirt too in good amounts remember , you are dating and not just going out with a friend.


and stop thinking how the date is going while you are on one. your aim is to get to know the other person and having fun with him. do that .

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You are good at doing what I am good at doing, and that is thinking too much. I actually think in many aspects of life, thinking about all aspects and posibilities of things is good... but not in the dating world. He may have said those things because he was being polite. He may feel obligated to go out with you. He may have had any hidden motivation to say and do everything he did. It isnt going to help your mind to think about them too much. In my opinion, he probably said those things because he meant them.


I really agree with rockr here. It seems like a normal start. If you are interested in him, I also agree that flirting is a good idea too!! The beginning stages of dating are always hard for me because i over analyze it all too much. The idea is to managing your expectations and living in the moment at first.

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