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A quick question about the pill! please answer :)


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i asked myself the same questions...


morning? no cos i always sleep in a wake up at different times with uni, work, church etc


night? i go out ALOT so night and alcohol etc....


so i take mine at 2pm since thats the time when our shifts swap over...so whether im finishing or starting i just need to take the tablet.


im new at this too, only taken it for the past 3 days but yea just set an alarm on your mobile to remind you daily and your set! ^_^

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Hello! Ok, I know that you have to take the contraceptive pill roughly at the same time each day but which time is best? morning, evening? Or does it not really matter when in the day?

Thanks xx


Its better to talk it on mornings at the same time everyday. But if you wish to take it laterer in the afternoon kool just that you need to alway try to take it at the same time everyday.

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