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Enough dating advice blogs on the net?


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Well, at my age, I work at making money online, simply because I'm too lazy to work at an Ihop for $8 an hour.


My main expertise are proxies. Those little sites you use to get into MySpace, Nexopia, etc at work, at school, etc. Thing is, they're a very small niche. You cannot expand far with them, and the money isn't exactly great.


Usually, whenever I'm in need of money, I usually make a network of 5-10 sites, monetize it, traffick it, and then sell it off, all within a week. Brings in $2,000-$3,000 profit when I need it. Expanding and making these sites popular for the long term is very hard, since most schools/offices block these sites within the first few weeks. Hence, this is very stressful.


LATELY, I've been thinking of going into the dating niche. A nice blog about general dating advice tips for males and females. Thing is, there are thousands and thousands of them. Hence, I've been trying to think of a way to introduce something with this site that is needed, but has not been entirely introduced yet.


I thought about asking the source, which is ofcourse the members of eNotAlone. What would you like to see in a dating blog? Dont limit to categories. I mean, live-chat channels, etc? What in general would be an ideal date site/blog for you?

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