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Is there any way I can get him back?

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My ex came for his stuff today, and I just felt very sad the whole time he was there. But continued to smile and be happy. As he, his dad, my mum, and his step mum were helping him move his stuff out off my parents shed. He had a chest off drawers, a bed, a fan, a desk, a few paintings, and some clouths, that were his.


BACKGROUND STORY: A month into our relationship everything was perfect. Then He got called to work out of town, It was like 3 hours away. He would live in this place on the weekedays but come down every single weekend just to see me and he would stay in the living room of my parents house. And at the same time he had his furniture all stored in my parents shed. Because what else could be do? About 6 months after the relationship started he pretty much told me he had started to feel numb to EVERYTHING including me. So he there for had no idea if he loved me or not anymore. And lets put it like this, HE LOVED ME VERY VERY MUCH. And I was very very hurt to hear he did not feel the love anymore. We tried to work things out but his head was not clear and he ended up dumping me.


I will admit I did somthing I should never have done, I called him a few times after the breakup and would cry when he would say hurtfull things to me Like "It was never meant to be" or whatever. And this would make him uncomfortabble. And so I stopped for awhile then I called him again and asked for him back and told him exsactily why I needed him back. And he said although he had figured out why he fell out off love with me he had by now rid himself off us. His reason were I was to "clingy" which hurt me cause I had to put up with him being clingy why was I the bad guy for being clingy?


NOW: he broke up with me like two months ago it was a 7 month realtionship, and as he was getting his things today my mother said he seemed a bit grumpy and angery today, Was he angery at me though? Or the situation? I dunno I just saw him today and if it was not for his dad and step mum being nice to me I would have cried cause he was egnoreing me which hurt alot. And I really do miss him alot. Is there anyway I can get him back in my life though? His life is not all together yet, maybe I should call him when I hear word off his life being back together. And maybe I can see what happens from there.


I just ask this tho cause I don't see how I can move on when I always dreampt Off being with a boy he was everything I wanted. How can I acctaully find better unlease I clone him? like him and he was the one who made me believe soulmates exist. When I did not in the first place. This really dose hurt. Please help.

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Well at least he was honest enough to give you the real reason why he broke up with you. A reason which, I believe, is behind so many break ups: Being clingy.

You are right, he is being selfish for not accepting your behavior when you put up with his in the past.


He did say things like "it was never meant to be", etc... which is something many exes say in the heat of the moment and if you keep pushing them. Sometimes they mean it, sometimes they don't.

If you want to find out whether or not he meant his word then the best thing you can do right now, after he gave you the reason, is to back off and try LC (NC for a while, at first, would even be better).


You can't do anything to get him back BUT you can do things to push him away. So tread carefully.

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Thanks for being honest dreamguy. I was not acctaully that clingy I was going through a tough time and needed his support. is "well she did nJust like how I gave him mine. His additude to that tho ot have to support me" Which is stupid cause you just do when you love someone. And I look back at old emails he sent me through myspace and think to myself "wow he really did love me how could somthing this big just die?" Which hurt the most I think about it, and the worse part is he probbly will get a new gf before I get a new bf.

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