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My mind is wandering.


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I've been with my gf for nearly 8 months (on the 25th), we've been all the way. We've done a lot together. We've been alone, with friends, and we did a lot during the summer. We've tried different things during sex but she just wont do anal. So it kinda gets boring because its the same thing every time.


Sometimes I find my mind going off into fantasy world. Thinking about other girls I could be with. To me I think its fine because It's just a fantasy, but to some extent I would like it to be real. Is it wrong to think about other girls while in a relationship? I dont want to cheat on her but I want to try new things...and she wont do just anything. I dont want to break up with her. I brought up to her the thought of a threesome as kind of a joke but also kind of serious. Idk if she was serious but she said she would do it. Also she said that shed do it if theres another guy and another girl. So basically what she explains to me is just 2 couples having sex near each other.


How do I bring up things like that to her without sounding like I dont want her. Because I do, I dont want to cheat or break up with her. I'm just curious.

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If she doesn't want to do those things, you can't expect her to.


If you are that keen on 'trying new things' i'd suggest finding a new partner who is more adventurous. If you don't want to do that, you have to decide what's more important: your current relationship, or your desire to explore your sexuality. You might not be able to have your cake and eat it too.


Just be upfront and say what you feel to your girlfriend. If she's not up for it, then it's time to decide.

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I am in the same predicament with my boyfriend. I was actually just going to start a thread similar, until this caught my eye. As for your question about thinking about other girls while in a relationship, I don't think it's wrong. Unless you acted upon it and hid it from your girlfriend. But there is no harm in thinking. And if there is then I'm going to be in trouble...

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if u have good communication skills it shouldnt be too hard to ask her to try a new position or add in a kinky object etc. not alot of girls like anal...so chances shes into that aren't high. as for thinkin of other girls, im not a guy, i cant really say anything but maybe think about her body? and soft breasts etc? i dunno its tough

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