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An Early Happy Monday


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sometimes Sundays can be depressing because of the Monday morning dread. luckily, tonight i'm feeling optimistic. i realized that the worst part of this sunday dread is the dread itself. monday usually ends up better than i expected. so here's hoping that everyone has a good week, with a fresh start tomorrow

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I really enjoy Mondays, cos it means I'm that much closer to the next weekend (and my birthday/christmas lol).


I think most people enjoy having targets. If you go to work dreading it you'll not enjoy it, but if you look forward to that lunch with your friend on Wednesday, or that night out next week, or your friend's birthday in 4 weeks time, the time will fly


I'm 1/12th of my way towards Christmas, and that's pretty good lol.... Short-term it's my birthday Thursday, Valentines I have a really fancy place booked, I get paid that week, and then 2 weeks after that I'm moving to a new office.... so I have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks.

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