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rebound and my conflicting emotions

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So, I just recently got out of a relationship with a girl that I thought was "the one"... and I've been pretty much super depressed/miserable for the past 3 weeks..... However, I try not to let it show when I'm around my friends, and still try to have a good time.. yet inside my head she never leaves my thoughts...


Well, I've been doing NC with my Ex for the most part, she had called me sometime between now and the break up and we talked very briefly, nothing very serious, just how we're doing and such.....


However, this weekend I was out with friends, and I met a really cute girl through a friend of mine, and she ended up spending the night with me.. (no sex) just a lot of making out ect ect.... and at the moment it felt really good.. and maybe at some level I just wanted to feel like I could still get a good looking girl, and that I could move on from my ex...


We kept it pretty friendly, and have talked a bit recently, but nothing serious... since this is my last semester here, and she has more school... and I'm not sure where I'll end up after all this....


However, I've started thinking now, and I almost feel guilty... I'm not sure why? Like, guilt about doing this to my ex, and that some how I have betrayed her..... because if I was really in love with her, I wouldn't run off with the first girl I met.... however, I really don't want to be restrained for the rest of my life, and spend every breath waiting for her to come back to me...... thoughts?

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Maverick,you need to move on,and that is what you are doing.Just have fun and enjoy yourself.The bottom line is that she ended the relationship,and you have nothing to feel guilty about.Don't jump in and look for a replacement for your ex,but do live your life,without feeling any guilt.You have nothing to feel guilty about.

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Hey Maverick,


Sorry to hear about the breakup!


I think that guilt can be normal while you are still healing. Wanting to move on and having fun does not mean you do not care for your ex......it's not like you had a "choice" in the matter from what I understand either (the break up I mean, not the making out part!).


Just take it easy with this new girl - don't rush into anything as I think given the intensity of the feelings for your ex, you are still going to need a lot of time to heal and I don't want to see you jumping into something new only to find out you were not ready....


By the way, while this has nothing to do with it, your picture always has me take a second look as you look just like one of my friends!

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ya, basically I've had very similiar thoughts run through my head... and I dunno, I'm not looking for an ex replacement.... I guess I just wanted to have some fun.. was sick of laying in bed thinking about my ex while I tried to go to sleep.... and ya, I know the guilt shouldn't be there.. so your comments do help


and maybe I AM your friend!!!! (I dont think so though..)

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I was a rebound with my latest ex, so please be careful with both your feelings.


I know what it is like to want to go out and your comment about not wanting to lay in bed, really hit home. No one says we have to get serious. Just hang out and date. I am not ready to get serious yet, but I would still like to go out and meet people.


Just have fun...

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