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Can it happen anytime or during special times of the month?


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There has been some research going on that shows a womans menstrual cycle is not very predictable. Some women release eggs multiple times per month while other women go a few months before having a fertile period.


Bottom line, there is always a risk of getting pregnant. Trying to time it is very risky. Use protection to lessen your chances, but even then there is still a slight possibility you will become pregnant (My youngest daughter is living proof of this )

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Actually the pill is more like 99% if taken correctly. Condoms are 97% if used properly due to risk of breakage and defects. Unfortunately most methods are dramatically less effective since they are used wrong so often. From the FDA, here's the effectiveness of birth control with typical use:

    Hormone shot: 99.7%
    The Pill 95%
    IUD: 98%
    Condom: 86%
    Diaphragm: 80%
    Sponge: 80%
    Female condom: 79%
    Spermicide: 74%
    Withdrawal: 81%


Using no method at all over time you have an 85% chance of becoming pregnant.

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