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My dreams were right, they foreshawdowed about my ex


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I tried looked for the post i made about them, can't find it. but anyway I made a thred a while ago.


One dream I had happened about 3 days before I found out her new "bf" was not that great. The dream was me sitting at a movie set and a car was moving on a platform.. as I walked with it, and through the set I glanced over and saw my ex with her arms folded looking upset and angry. She was clearly sitting with aguy.. the guy was turned the other way from her and not happy either. She then said to me in the dream "what's wrong" and i said "nothing at all" and she says "there has to be something wrong.. we're not arguing anymore" And the dream ended. Three days later She started talking to me again telling me about all the problems she was having with him and saying she missed me and missed talking to me and reminissing.


The next dreams I had , reoccurred. The dream is, that I am in a giant mall/casino/school. Very hard to explain. it has confusing levels... stairs, ladders.. almost like a 3d maze. And through the dream I am looking for someone and something... And I always see the back of her head, with her beautiful dark brown hair. She stops and as I get closer to her, she looks around confused and disappears. Thishappens over and over again. Just when I get to her, she gets lost and moves the other way from me.


I had this dream about 2-3 times, with slightly different occurrences in them.


ABout a week after the final one of those dreams. She becomes very hot and cold talking to me. Saying she's quitting her job again.. then not.. is nice to me one day, then cold. She said ". I'm just very all over the place. "


Believe in this or not.. but those dreams havebeen really telling to me. Most dreams you can't remember in detail but these I can for some reason.


i havn't had any I can remember in a while though.

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hey crows,

hmm, after reading this, I just have to tell you that getting those dreams is kind of cool in a way.

when you sleep at night, your mind races through the events that have happened throughout your day. it is actually trying to organize your thoughts, trying to place them in their own special little "folders" as to say.

I believe that during that when your brain is trying to open up your folders in order to place those thoughts in the right place, it also seems to open up more more.

for instance, when you were in school and you got a new note from your class and you go to put it in your binder, but in order to reach the correct spot to put it in, you have to pass through all of the other notes that you had gotten in the class...catch my drift?

i know this is reallly confusing, and it doesnt help that I am making it even worse, but maybe what is happening is that there is something unsettleed between you and her. like are you guys back together, are you still apart or what?

its cool though how these dreams work. like about her mood towards you the one day and how it changes the next. maybe what the dream is trying to tell you is that she is really confused right now and that she doesnt know what she wants. like you said she has another boyfriend right and now she is starting to talk to you again?

like i really dont know what to say. in fact i am so tired right now from doing an essay all day that I know that i am not even making any sense at all.

i guess what I will leave you off with is to always follow your instincts. if you have been getting these dreams often (as in more than once) then im guessing someone is trying to tell you something.

i went to a chinese resturant last night right and i got this really sweet fortune cookie, and here ill share with you what it said:


"Follow your impulses - they are wise and very real."


I believe in that.

You do what you've gotta do. If you still love this girl, and if you think that these dreams are telling you that you two still have a hope together and that right now, she needs you, then by all means follow what your heart is telling you.


im sorry if i confused you my friend.


I wish the best of luck to you!

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Sorry I dopntr have time to reply fully.. I will later.. but just a note i forgot.


SHe dumped him two weeks ago, and let me know ASAP that she did that. She has been hot and cold since. SHe wants to hang out but makes up excuses not to. LIke "it's too cold outside right now" etc etc.

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hmm, like i dont know man that makes NO sense to me then.

and yeah its cool how you said those dreams are like that (like how she goes hot and cold) cause thats exactually what shes doing to you.

like i ssaid before pal, shes scared, confused and she doesnt know what she wants.

and like did she date this abusive drunk dude RIGHT AFTER you guys broke up?


p.s. PM me if ya need me

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wait i just re read what you said and she told you ASAP eh?

hmm to me, i think she does want you back. but im thinking she doesnt want to do all the work in getting you back. i dont know though for sure pal.

relationships can be confusing eh haha?

just keep your chin up pal. who knows, maybe when shes cold to you, there is something going on that you arent aware of. so dont be easily discouraged. i believe that in order to get what you want, you may sometimes have to fight for it. now im not saying to force her into being with you again cause thats a definate no, no. but like just remember to be considerate during the times she isnt so warm to you cause you never know.

and remember, she just broke up with a guy in an ABUSIVE relationship. so like she may be a little rattled from that too you know.

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I've had dreams about my ex lately too.


They are all very similar. She is with me but suddenly she leaves without letting me know or saying goodbye.

I also could not remember her phone number.


One she also was acting very differently than she normally does. She was all messed up. I was waiting for her to come home, didn't know where she was.


The last one I had, she once again left, I did not know where to. I tried to call her but couldn't dial her number. I kept pressing the wrong buttons.


These really suck, and I'm in a panic in the dreams.


I don't know if they mean anything.

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Yeah she waited online for me. She pretendated to not get my text messages asking her to go out for dinner. Shes like 'yeah bell is having issues... im not getting any texts.. so just call next time"


She definatley wants me to "fight" for her if she wants me back. Shes made some comments on the side like "yeah maybe he wants you to make the first move and wants you back " referring to my friend.. except that had no relavance to the conversation.


And I am discouraged.. becuase I did go and call her on monday, and she said yes initially to coffee, then changed her mind and said it was too cold outside and we should go on the weekend when I don't work etc. Ugh.. man


She just doesnt' know what she wants.


She's disappeared this weekend too and Im not sure whether to call her back or not!


She was cold to me on wednesday.. then thursday, she was a bit better, almost apologizing for her behaviour the day before. Saying she hasnt been eating or sleeping and that the situation has affected her more than she thought it would.


Im not gonna lose her if I don't call her am i? I don't think so. Ive been pretty open with her latley.


I just don't know where she went this weekend and it's annoying.


Her head ins't right right now.. I think she wants to hang out but she just needs time with herself I guess.


I mean when she changed her mind, she started having a friendly convo with me for abotu 20 minutes before she brought it up... (not going for coffee) And when she said it was too cold blah blah.. i got pretty mad but i kept my cool and was like "ok cool" abit sarcastically.. and she got worried that I thought she was blowing me off.




this is a slow slow process.

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A month after a break up, I had a dream about my ex torture me. When I woke up, that feeling was still present. From that day I did not call him. (we broke up recently, I was calling him, he was so cold towards me)In my dreams I felt that sadness I was living with it in those days.

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