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A little bit of happiness


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Sometimes I feel like I'm failing miserably at healing from my break-up. I feel unable to move on, I feel unable to give up hope, I feel like I think about him all the time when I should be working on myself. Then sometimes, these thoughts come into my head that make me so proud to be myself and happy that I am capable of feeling this way.


I just had the thought that I love my ex and I hope he is happy, no matter what he is doing right now. And even though that thought is fleeting and is replaced by feelings of pain and sadness, it gives me a little light at the end of the tunnel, and makes me happy that I have the capacity to love him unconditionally.

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There's nothing wrong with wishing well for your ex, but save some of that for yourself. As time crawls by, you'll meet new people and situations that take your full attention.


It's hard to stop caring for somone you've been devoted to, but it's a good time to care for yourself.

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I know. I think it just feels good to know that I am being the bigger person, and not "hating" him because he caused me pain. Makes me feel good to know I have the capacity to want the best for him.


I felt like that for a little bit too, then it was replaced by sadness and missing her and our relationship...


It's all in the head and we just have to think more about other things then what we're going thru... It's only been little under the month for me and i'm actually surprised how well i'm doing. Sure i miss her like crazy and am still crazy in love with her, but if something is not possible then nothing i can do.


There were some odd minutes that i thought about her and just wanted her to be happy, but then that was replaced very quickly by anger because she left me without any real explanation... All lies.


Just stay Strong... we'll get thru it all.

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