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I honestly can't do it


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Well, here's my situation.


A friend of mine sort of 'introduced' me to this girl, who I really like know, we talk a lot online, and I see her at lunch/in two of my classes, but I can never bring myself to talk to her in person. I'm fine with talking to people who I haven't met before, but when it's somebody I like, I'm only able to talk if they started the conversation.


Any advice? Please not the 'just go and talk to her' either, it's not that simple for me, I just can't get over it.

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Okay, the best way I can put it is...


The longer you spend psyching yourself up to approach the girl you like, the exponentially more difficult you make it for yourself to do so as time passes.


So next time, as *soon* as you meet a girl you like, especially if you have already been introduced (thats the hardest part done for you right there!), don't even think about it, and you are gonna hate me for this, but...


Just go and talk to her!!


What's the tagline of the 40-Year-Old Virgin... The longer you wait, the harder it gets? Keep that in mind for the next time you see said girl, or any new one you meet.


And its cliched, but even the most amazing wonderful girl you may admire is just another person like you. There's no reason to put them on a pedestal and think you are not on their level, you are just kidding and hindering yourself.

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Yeah, I think I'm gonna' give up. She already has a boyfriend, there's a long list of guys who are much further up than me. It's the beginning of the next semester now too, I don't have any of her classes or her lunch, gonna' forget about it now, I've got graff to think about now.

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My advice for in the future is just try and relax. Most girls like it when guys talk to them as if you're talking to one of your guy friends. If you don't, she'll probably notice you're too tense, or trying too hard to make conversation and girls like confident easy-going types of guys. That may be vague advice but I think it's good advice. Today I was at a bus stop and this guy was trying to talk to this pretty girl. He was just trying to be friendly, but just by her tone of voice and her reactions to what he said it was obvious she was uncomfortable and not too interested in what he was saying. The guy seemed desperate for things to say and he would laugh after what he said, even if it wasn't really funny.


So in a nut shell, try and relax and it let conversation flow naturally and both you and the girl you're talking to will be more comfortable. I think getting a girl to like you, even just as friends, is all about helping her feel comfortable around you.

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