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Anyone know how the 7$ daycare in Québec work?


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The subsidised daycares are available to any Quebec resident.


I'm sending you a pm with the e-mail address and phone number of the person you have to contact for your (our!) area. You'll want to apply asap if you want to start her in daycare anytime before Sept 2009. (It only goes Sept-Sept for the waiting lists.)

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I'll get on that as soon as I can.

The boyfriend always delays things until later! He delayed the car purchase + change of address so bad that I can't even have a car for when I deliver. eugh!! I've been bugging him about it for his input since early July *rolls eyes*

I might just apply for the day care without his input at this point since I don't want to be stuck at home babysitting instead of going back to school! haha!

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Poor taxi drivers.


Yeah, you shoulda seen the look on the driver's face when he realised the couple he'd just picked up were in labor.


I'm making these weird breathing sounds in the back seat and suddenly it clicks and he's like, "is she is labor? omg, what do I do?" we're like, "uh, drive..." He was totally excited and panicking.

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