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G/F Friend Cheated


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My girlfriend's friend cheated a month ago with two other guys. She went home to Tallinn this weekend and found her boyfriend cheating with another girl. My girlfriend tells me all of this, but defends her friend's previous cheating with some outrageous excuses and it makes me feel uneasy and upset. I understand she is her friend but in my eyes cheating is cheating and by saying that her friend had reasons to cheat makes me worry and wonder. Make matters worst i am studying in NYC and won't be home (estonia) for a few months. Anyway we got into a fight cause of all this and I was wondering what everyone's take on this would be. Do I have a right to feel upset about her defending a friend's cheating?

-sorry for poor grammar english isn't first language.

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I think sometimes u dont need to over analys what a girl says, and just nod ur head as if u r being supportive. I lost my girlfriend because i always spoke my mind and it hurt her sometimes when i critisized her oppinions (she was Estonian!!!), but one thing u have to always be aware of, is that no girl on earth can b trusted 100%. Just keep that in mind.

That is my advice.


I think you are making some major generalizations here which I totally disagree with.


OP, you have a right to your opinion and since your friend told you about this situation with her friend, you have a right to tell her your viewpoint on the situation. For her to get so angry about it is ridiculous...you are entitled to your opinion. I do agree with what your are saying, however, I think you should put this into perspective...you may not agree with your friend on the fact that she is defending her friend's actions, however, her friend's morals and values should not have a bearing on the friendship you have with her. You stated your opinion, now let it go. If your friend wants to defend her friend there is nothing you can do and getting upset about it is not going to change anything, although it may end up driving a wedge in your friendship. Let it go..because her friend really has nothing to do with you and it is not worth ruining a friendship.

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