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Hello fellow members

I was at the library the other day and I ran into an ex gf.

We split up several months ago, she broke it off said she was not happy, and I really am to blame. I simply took her for granted, and I did not realize how much she meant until it was too late(jerk I am ).I really cared for her, even would go as so far to say the L word but I did not tell her.

But Jeez it was over so I just did what I could do I let go and moved on.

I think she wanted me to chase after her and I aint gonna do play games.

I met a real nice chic and we hit it off. Sure I missed my ex and I regret my mistakes she was a wonderful woman, just so wonderful.........

Soon realized this new chic was not for me so I had to end it and she was hurt and pised .....AWOMAN SCORNED!

I just aint right in the head to treat any woman right!

My ex use to tell me I just felt sorry for myself maybe she was right!

So at the library I saw her and it was really weird she looked at me and smiled. I do not know what to think of it all if you could have just been there kinda like a movie we were just stuck in time staring seemed like forever lasting only a couple minutes. We spoke briefly mostly smiled and stared into each others eyes she has the most amazing eyes! I felt so strong for her but she was with her sister and I did not know what to say. I just said hi how are ya she replied asked me i said fine.

I hoped maybe she would have called me or something later on but she didnt so maybe i should call her but im scared of getting hurt by her again.

Not sure of how to handle my feelings or how I should react. I know she must feel something, why else would an ex look at ya like that it was kinda deep. I am confused do I act on it? or wait for her? Scared she has dotten over me or she might think I am dating maybe that is why she wont call maybe she is dating and just cares. I do not want to look like a real jerk and i am sincere i really cared for this woman i do not know what to say? I should have told her months ago but I did not want to risk looking desperate I hate being a fool for love. So do I call or wait for her?

I do not want to play games I am just feeling so much for her and do not know what to do avout it can i make it work? How can I find out if she is still into me without risking getting rejected! I know she use to love me alot

have I waited too long for a reconciliation?

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I don't want to be the one to point out the obvious, but you broke it off with her, and now you are trying to say that you are afraid of getting hurt again, but the truth is you are afraid of hurting her, right??


Now a strange thing happens when you break up with someone, both are hurt, both still want the other, and both don't want to hurt their pride by giving in to the grief of the other. That is why she wanted you and that is why you had stopped wanting her, she failed to excite you by being a challenge.


So then a new pair of high heels comes along and you say to yourself, hey! I'm still a man. So you went chasing after a new skirt!! You knew what you were doing, noone yanked you away, you went willingly.


So now the other girl proved to be only a conquest and that left you feeling even more empty than before, n'est pas??


So now you see the old babe and find that the only thing stopping you is your pride getting in the way. Now let me ask you this, if she were a completely other, new girl that you had seen in the library that day, who had made such nice eye-contact with you, would you have hesistated to get her number, I should say not. Red-blooded American, you would have given a new girl a call to find out if she likes you or not, wouldn't you??


How do you think us old folks in long term relationships do it?? we say we are sorry, even if you don't feel sorry, you are negotiating, right??


so call her already!!

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Sorry I guess I was not clear, it was HER who broke it off. She broke it off with me. Called me up one night to tell me she was not happy and BAM it was over. I was hurt and did not see any use in sitting around feeling sorry for myself. So I decided I had to move on. I am just not sure if what I did was just out of feeling lonely. I dunno all I know now is that I knew I would always feel something for her I had no idea I would feel that way. I do not want her to look like the bad girl i did much to push her away. We have split up in the past and it is me who always called and begged. well i didnt this time i just never wanted to hurt her. i am not perfect i just want to know what this means. do you all think i might have mistaken that feeling maybe she did not feel it but boy you could fool me. i do not expect her to call me now she tried right after the break up but i was being a jerk i deserve what i get. I would love another chance with her and I had given up hope unitl I seen her look at me, any you guys know what I mean about the"look", I know she loved me it was not her. Maybe i am regretting it all now and seeing her just made it more real. i mean if she did not feel something than why look at me that way?

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I think this happens a lot. If someone breaks up with you and later you decide you really want her back, you start to feel that if you see her sometime down the road you might have another chance, because it's been a while and time changes things.


But I don't know, man. 'The look' sounds just too...what's the word? Projected desire or something. You want her so much, and you want to believe that you have a chance, so just the fact that she makes eye contact sends you off to cloud 9. If anything, she may have been reminded of when you first started dating. You know; she hasn't seen you for a while, then she sees you, she's kind of attracted, but then she remembers that she broke up with you. I mean, who knows? While you were thinking she was giving you the eye of love, she could've been thinking "I hope he doesn't think I'm giving him the eye of love."


I just don't think you should get your hopes up. There's always a chance, but I think you need more to go on.

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Maybe she just wanted to be polite. Perhaps, you kind of suppressed your feelings for her for a while, and then all of a sudden, after nto seeing her for a while, really brought back all of the sparks for you.


I odn't think that her looking at you in that way, truly means anything. Don't overanalyze it too much. She's probably made peace with herself and the breakup.


If you really want to talk to her, then do so, but I think that the past should be left where it belongs...in the past. You should move on.


Think about it, if you decide to give it a second try, the trust is still sketchy (for you at least), and thereforeeee, it really puts a strain on the relationship.

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