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Why me? I thought we were so happy.


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Between last Saturday and Sunday my fiance and I broke up. I went from waking up really happy on Saturday because I was getting a brand new car to feeling like killing myself on Sunday. I was engaged for almost a year to him after being together for a year. I still love him very much. He said he fell out of love with me and I wasn't the same person. While with me, he kissed another girl and is now seeing her. I still have hope that we will be together. I have changed quite a few things in my life, for me, but also for him. He still is my everything. I breathe for him. Do any of you truly know who you are supposed to marry? I do. It's him. Nothing makes me feel happier or safer than he does.


Am I wrong for believing in this still? I know it has only been about a week, but I am holding up pretty good. I don't want to sound crazy, but I paid some site to do a spell. A spell to return a lover. It seems okay... It was his money anyways.


My heart will always belong to him. In a way I am waiting for him, but in a way not. I saw him yesterday and we talked. After that conversation, I got on my phone and booked a whole week of dates. So I am doing a good thing here. I am being proactive, but in the mean time, my heart still lies with him.

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Hey knugal,

I think this guy is completely nuts to have ended things with you. I don't know what he was thinking to be quite honest.

The way you talk about him, and the way you say basically that you would do anything with him and that you are so happy with him makes me somewhat angry because he had it all and then for some reason let it slip away.

Honestly, I would do anything for someone like you, someone who would appreciate me and love me like you loved him. Hell, I am sure anyone would.

Right now you are hurt more than anything, especially because of the events that were going to take place for you guys and the fact that you two were married. I don't understand though, did you expect this, was he acting weird?

It just seems like one day he decided to change his feelings and like i said, that kind of makes me angry for someone to do something like that to someone you are supposed to "love".

You are not crazy at all for what you did. You are just trying anything you can to get him back because you absolutly love this guy. I would be the same way, well I somewhat was, but the point is that right now, you are so hurt and you feel so lonely, that you would do anything for the guy back.

Now I am not sure what you mean by dates? Do you mean dates as in dates with other guys? If you do well I am not sure what to say. I understand if they are with friends, but try not to just go on a date for the sake of getting back at him because it is not worth it...in fact it may make you feel even worse because if he catches wind of this, he may do something even worse to just get back at you.

As soon as you break up with someone, no matter what kind of person you are, your self-esteem takes a massive blow. It is the time such as right now when you should be doing things such as going out with friends, and spending time with family. Do thigns you wouldn't normally do, read a book series, go out for coffee in the morning with a friend or a family member, go see a movie.

I also think it is ULTRA pathetic how he just is with another girl one week after your break up. I personally think that is seriously immature and he has some real growing up to do. Do not fall down to his level because, although it may seem quite impossible because it is almost as low as you can possibly go without hitting the core of the earth, you are much, MUCH better than that.

This is the time now to work on you. I know you will love him forever, and that you will never forget him, but you deserve SO much better. I can promise you also, that even though he doesnt see it now, but if what you told me was true, if you really really would do anything for the guy...then he will notice how big of a mistake he has made by leaving you.

I wish you the absolute best, best, best of luck.

Please smile, please keep healthy, and don't worry!

I know this is repetitive, but things happen for a reason. Just please don't get down,

Everything will be okay : )

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Knugal, Something simular happened to me recently. Me and my ex were not engaged, but we did talk about marriage alot, Because he dreampt about it alot and we were very much in love. And he said the same thing, "I fell out of love with you, and I am not the same person." And yeah he considered dateing another girl a week after the breakup. so as you can guess I kinda wanted to kill him for awhile for that lol So I hear your pain. But after my breakup, I considered alot from a different point off view, and found I was alot happier in some ways without him in my life. Maybe you should do the same. I hope I made sense and if you ever need to vent to someone I can be off service cause I have been through a bad breakup myself.

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Hi Knugal,

I am in a similar situation. My fiance left me at the end of September after 2 years of dating (one of which we were engaged). Like you, I feel like he is the only one for me, and I would do anything for him. We were on different paths in life though, and he realized that he was not in the position to get married. Unfortunately, he should've realized this before HE proposed. It would've saved both of us a lot of hurt and pain.


I cannot tell you that the pain will go away completely, or that life will return back to normal right away. I struggle every day with thoughts of my ex-fiance and memories of us together. It will take some time before I can truly move on in my heart and let go of him. But I can tell you that each day, it does get a little bit better. Just take it breath by breath. Know that there are people who understand your pain, and who help you through this.


Hang in there. My thoughts are with you!

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