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New lust, old love hurt and now chasing me


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Hey all its been a long time since my last post, some may remember a well over a year ago story. BAD SPLIT UP! If you do, everything has turn out for the best and looking back with a clear mind I am so glad its over! Wow the year has done wonders.


OK through out the year I had a great friend help me through the the hurt. We started dating and I truly believe I was and might still be in love with her. Those feelings which I had and THINK still have were shot down months ago by her. For those how might not know about the old story I'll give you a fast outlook. If you are thinking how someone can fall in love after a bad split and was dating and in love shortly after. I wasn't in love for years in the "story relationship" and the hurt was from losing a life style that was years in the making. Back on track, the girl I was seeing turned sour towards me, I had lost my job wasnt working and just being a slacker. I wanted to get back on my feet but wasnt in a hurry. She turned cold and even started to tell me to get lost and she didnt care for me blah blah stuff. But I pushed on saying I was going to change and started to make those changes. But they dont happen over night. Now Im on my feet and starting my life over and was hoping she was going to be a part of that. Anyway she was till yesterday still on that path of hate.


A few weeks ago I started talking to someone else and didnt think at this point after being broke up with her months ago that I had to say anything about speaking with someone else. "this some one else is going to be another thread, so catch that one next!" However we were on the phone and she asked if I was speaking to anyone and with not wanting to lie to her I said yes. Wow I didnt expect a reaction like that. I have talked to her "mainly her yelling" and me trying to find out where or how I was having a "affair".


Now I still have feelings but after months of being treated one way and now she is saying she did love me and was acting like that only to push me harder towards fixing my life. In other words working harder so to not lose her.


I dont get it..


Do you think this is the wait now he is gone for real. The you dont want it when you have it but want it when its gone? And the feelings she was showing for months are the real ones?




New lust thread in DATING......

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