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In a quandary


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Ok, theres a girl I have known for years. We have hung out a few times over the years, I don't think we have ever spent 6 hours together in the years that I have known her.


A few weeks ago, I was heading off to a bowling tournament and we were chatting on AIM and just before I left I asked her if she would like to go along. She said yes! I picked her up and away we went (about an hour drive)


This girl, whom has considered me just a friend and I did the same, is quite possible the most awesome girl I have ever hung out with. There was never a dull moment, we make each other laugh, and it was a great time. Dropped her off when we got back, said have a good night and such and I was on my way.


Texted each other a few times (mainly to tell a joke) for the past 2 weeks.


I saw on my phone today that I had a missed call from her. I called her up, and the first thing she says is "What are we doing this weekend?" I was absolutely blown away. I have always had a thing for this girl and I honestly was speechless that she even asked that.


Soo, now I am trying to figure out if I should plan something fun that just friends would do, or something that potentially a "date" would consist of.


Any suggestions?

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well with the exception of a candlelight dinner, i think anything you do can fall into either category. just plan whatever you think she'd enjoy the most. movies, bowling, pool, bar (i dont know how old you are)...


then ask her if she hungry after and if the answer is yes, go get some dinner!

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well I know today isn't the whole weekend, but some things came up, for both of us actually and I can't really do anything until late tonight, not sure when she is gonna be back today. Would suggesting getting some coffee be a fair offer? We could even walk to the coffee shop.

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