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Help Please!!! Things are worse than ever!!!

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I posted a few weeks ago. My boyfriend of three years broke up with me a couple of weeks ago. He spent several months in Iraq with the Marines and has been back for three months. We started fighting over little things and he said he no longer wanted me as his girlfriend. The problem is is that he is living in an apartment attached to my parents house which I live in. I basically hear him watching tv, making dinner, etc. The only contact we have had has been because I have called him or asked to see him.

When I ask him if this is over forever, he just says he does not know and he is not promising me anything. I also asked if he was planning on seeing other girls and he refuses to answer and only says "I don't want to influence your thinking" and gives no other explanation. I don't understand how he can live practically in my house and make no attempt to see or talk to me. He only moved in three weeks ago and the next day he broke up with me. I don't want this to be over and he won't give me an answer if it is over for good. What should I do? Should I ask him to leave the apartment? He just keeps saying he needs space. Please help!!!!

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War does strange things to people, give him time and space like he says he needs then see what happens. I like many other people saw the war like some sort of WWF match on TV but to him it was very real and it affects people in differrent ways. he needs to adjust to normal life again I think, but I could be wrong, good luck

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