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tummy sleeve?


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I was sitting here at work looking around online and thought about those tummy sleeve things. The ones that kind of suck you all in after you have a baby. What in the world are they really called and where can I find one (if I decide to use one after baby gets here)??? I found one on link removed but everything looks like its made to grow as you grow during pregnancy.

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ya its kinda like that mousty but its just to sleeve part that goes around your tummy. and the point is to kind of suck you all together until your preggy body goes back to "normal". lord knows im gunna need some help!


has anyone seen john and kate plus 8? she wears one in the very first episode because she has a "butt in the front"

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haha its like the thing u posted but its seemless and u cant detect that you're wearing it under anything. im not too worried about it. but i kind of want to make sure i dont have huge love handles hanging out everywhere. i wasnt the tiniest girl to begin with so in an attempt to get back to looking half the way i did im looking for a little help.

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You're going to be fine. You'll lose the weight, belt or not. It takes a little time though. Remember, it takes 9 months to put the weight on so it may take a little while to get back to your old self but you will do it.



Enjoy your pregnancy. You are growing another human being. How cool is that?


And remember,you will never have a belly as big as poor "kate's"...

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haha i love my preggo belly. (even tho its is COVERED in stretch marks=/ ugh) I cant believe I only have 2 weeks left till my little girl gets here. I'm going to miss being pregnant.


I gained 30 before i got pregnant (working at an olive garden will do that to you... oops) and by the time I am done with this pregnancy I will probably have gained 45....... a total of 75. EEK! (I think I'm at 226 right now.... you would never know it by looking at me though).


*sigh* I just want to get to my old self. even the 30 lbs heavier than my old self-self.



(thank goodness I don't have to worry about looking like that!)

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