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Confused about a friendship

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If a person has a best friend, I mean someone who you both share everything with, the good and bad about everything in life for 5 years. You met over the internet and have never spent much time together in person but talked on the phone, email etc... to no end. If you know how much this person is suffering in their current life and needs a change to the point where it almost kills them that they are hurting so much and you know this.


Now this friend reaches out to you and sees you as some kind of hope for trying to start a new life, to find a new way but at the same time this person is having marriage trouble because of 2 miscarriages and then a still born and infertility issues. This friends wants to visit and stay with you for a period of time to find some kind of solution and peace.


Would you let the other person come and accept to try and help or would you think that there is really nothing you can do and that this person should find their own way and solution themselves? Also we are talking opposite sex friends.

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If you truly think of this best friend as a best friend at all, then I think you should try to help in whatever way possible; afterall that's what friends are for. If you think by helping too much might cross the line between this friendship I think you should be open enough to tell her that. Don't hide and don't lie.

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