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what the hell is she doing?!

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Alright, I met this girl about a year ago and she called me all the time (and still does) In march, she admitted to me that she likes me. I said I didnt feel the same way, but we should stay friends.So, we remained friends. In the summer, I started to have feelings for her and told her how I felt. She gave me the same response I gave to her when it was the other way around and said she likes us just being friends. It was tough, but I lived through it. I moved on and she got a boyfriend. Well, since the summer we make a point to hang out together alone about 2 times a week. She calls me literally everyday at all hours. She recently broke up with her boyfriend. Me, her, and this new girl I like (I posted about her before) went to a concert together. After the concert (which was last saturday) we went out to eat and she seemed really quiet and depressed. She's usually very talkative and talks to my friends, but she didnt talk to that other girl I brought along. She said she had to make a call and left the table and was gone for awhile. She usually asks to borrow my cell phone, but she was gone for awhile. I went to look for her and saw her standing outside. I thought she might've just gotten depressed about her ex boyfriend (they broke about a week and a half before). Then lately on the phone and online after the concert she's always been asking if I can come over to her house and making these sexual innuendos to me. She wanted to know if I wanted to go to the city with her tomorrow and I said I couldnt because Im seeing that other girl tomorrow. She said online, that makes me sad and put up these faces. I made suggestions on who else she can go with and apologized and she said, "but I wanted to go with you." Lately, Im getting the feeling that she likes me more then a friend, but I dont know...what do you all think??

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it sounds like she does like you. she was probably jealous of that other girl when you went to the concert. that's why she left for awhile. it seems like you both are falling for each other at the wrong times, like when you are into somebody else. all i can say is that you should just continue to be her friend. if you like her too, maybe you can see how she is feeling about you, but it seems like you have this other girl that you like right now.

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I agree with enadevoli.


It does sound as if she likes u, talk 2 her see what she has 2 say most in

important listen 2 her and then listen 2 your heart and u will do the right thing in the end even if u end up as friends again it's just the way it has to be.


Best of Luck!


- whitefang

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dear siefer,


the situation u r in is a very delicate one. she is obviusly jelous of the other girl and you should be very carefull not to hurt her if you wish to mantain her friendship. you should also make a though decision between the two girls as you seem to have a soft spot for both. in my opinion you should take a bit of time to think about it and not rush in your decisions.


wishing u d best of luck,


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