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My new friend is a spirit


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My new friend is called Mr.Vodka Im sure you have all met him, sometimes he is the only person who makes me forget, is this a bad thing or not? (This is not a serious post Im just interested if anyone else deals with problems with alcohol, thanks)

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There are three ways to deal with problems.


The first way is to confront them, force them to be dealt with, as in an argument or a quarrel. It's the most effective because you either work out the problem or decide to remove yourself from whatever was causing it, thus eliminating it. BUT direct addressing doesn't work for some problems, and it can cause chain-reaction problems, such as being sad after a breakup that effectively resolved a bunch of other problems with the relationship.


The second way is to cover them up, mask them off. Lots of things can be used to do this, alcohol being one of them. Unfortunately, the problems never go away as a result - they just get covered up and end up coming back after a while, sometimes even more strongly than before (depending on the mask).


The third way to deal with problems, the way I think would be the most effective for you, is to shove them out. If you can't deal with them, rather than covering them over with Alcohol, displace them! Fill your life with something new, and it will push the problems out the open end of your inherently forgetful (and forgiving) human psyche.


Take up a hobby. Go buy a 4-wheeler and spend your saturdays riding in the country. Get obsessive about seeing free concerts in your city. Whatever suits your fancy... just make it something that keeps you busy enough to distract you from your problem(s) without requiring alchoholic augmentation... eventually, those problems will seem pretty insignificant!


Best of luck,


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