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switching start days for BCP


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Hi all,


Quick question about birth control pills...


I want to start on a Friday schedule instead of the typical Sunday-start schedule in order to avoid having my period over the weekends (my period usually comes 3-4 days after I start the placebos). Can I just only take 5 placebos this month and start a new pack on a Friday like I want? I've heard that it shouldn't really affect anything if I skip placebo pills rather than active pills or leave time in between packs...


Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

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I wouldn't mess with that if I were you. Your hormones are in a delicate balance with the BCP in order to prevent pregnancy. If you upset that balance, then you're taking risks.


One option that might help, however, is to skip the placebos for a month or two until the days work out the way that you want them to. That method won't mess up your hormone levels.

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