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What is the TRUTH about BIRTH CONTROL??


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I have been on Ortho-Tricyclen-Lo for 2 years now, it works perfectly for me. I started taking it when my boyfriend and I started having sex.


Stilll with the same boyfriend but we have taken a break from intercourse, due to big changes in our lives/I don't know why really. We are still very passionate sexually...


I guess I'm trying to decide if I should stay on the pill. I do think we are going to be having sex again at some point - no idea when. I need to get to an OBGYN in the new city I'm in if I want to get re-prescribed.


So before I go through all that, what is the REALITY of being on BC for a long period of time? Am I risking a lot staying on it when I'm unsure when I'll be having sex again? I'd rather stay on it and stay prepared for when intercourse happens again while also enjoying the routine of a regular period...


I just don't want to damage my body for no good reason. Is the truth even out there or is this a medical mystery that may come back to haunt us in a few years?


What would you do?

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There are lots of different experiences and "truths". There are a lot of side effects to birth control - that not all women experience.


Check out link removed forums (birth control section), it is much more focused on birth control.


I was on pill (regular Ortho Tri) for ten years without breaks. Several people would say that is far too long to be on it (particularly with my breast cancer risk) but my doctors were not exactly informative in that respect, until I finally had one whom said..."whoa!". I will never go on hormonal birth control again, but I don't think that was any worse for me at the time than taking breaks over and over again either.


You need to research and decide what is best for YOU.

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Thanks for the site RayKay.


Cat, I am starting to believe - though afraid as I am to accept it - that birth control may very well = poison. Even if it doesn't for sure, as I get older and am studying to become a doctor I feel like even if there's a chance it could hurt me, why risk it?


Problem is, there isn't much alternative. My boyfriend & I always double up (condoms + pill) and I don't think I could ever trust a condom alone, mostly because if I were to get pregnant, well, that would be about the worst thing that could happen where I am in my life right now.


I guess that means I'm not supposed to be having sex, doesn't it.


I know my mother used to use a diaphragm back in the day (creepy that I know that, I'm aware) and I know they are only 80% effective or something but what do you all think about something like a diaphragm coupled with condoms?

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There are lots of alternatives out there.


I use a copper IUD (no hormones) which for some is more invasive than they would like (I LOVE IT THOUGH!). It is not for everyone either.....for me it was the right choice.


Most whom don't want hormones though resort to barrier methods - I would suggest if you use a diaphragm or cervical cup you make sure to use spermicidal foam/jelly & condoms and even avoid sex around your ovulation - meaning keep track of your menstrual cycle and ovulation cycle through checking cervical mucous, etc.

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Thanks RayKay. I am due for my annual anyway so hopefully I can find a nice doctor who can help me decide what the right choice is for me.


Equestrian, what do you use now that you don't use any hormones?


nothing. I am going off that crap. If i change my mind i will think of an IUD, but no more manipulating my ovulation. I thought it was the smart thing to do and my Dr's didnt bother to give me a bone density test so now i am at high risk of develpoing Osteoporosis if i don't start turning it around. That let me know how unsavory chemicals were for sure.


Love and condoms starting in March.

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yup, talk to your doctor.


long term use of the pill shouldn't be a problem (up to 10 - 15 years or so), but it is good to switch it up every few years.


However, if OTC is working for you, then it should be fine to keep on it.


After splitting up with a long term partner several years ago I wondered if it was best to go off the pill. I decided in the end though to keep going; for 'just in case' I met someone else / the fact my body was used to it and wasn't having any problems / I preferred being very regular with light periods / studies show that it may reduce risk of ovarian cancer, etc. Basically I stayed on for the convenience, and not having to worry about getting pregnant.


Talk to the Dr and go with the decision most comfortable to you.

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