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Any suggestions for Anxiety medication...good or bad?

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I'm going to the doctors on January 24 to get my blood tested for any thyroid problems. I'm also going to ask her about anxiety and if there are any medications I can get on for it?


Does anyone have any suggestions?


Your help is appreciated.


Thank you,




(In particular, is there any medication out there that can help calm me down? I'm too finicky and always in a rush. Let's just say that my emotions get the best of me. ty)

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Personally, I wouldn't do the medication route at this point in time. First see what your thyroid issues are in case you need medication for that. Being too finicky and always in a rush is not grounds for medication...tap into yourself and your emotions and figure out why you are finicky and in a rush..and then work on focusing your mind so that when you feel yourself going down that road, you are able to stop yourself and calm yourself down. Why put medications into your system without first trying to sort out the behaviour through cognitive methods.

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every med except Wellbutrin (generic Buproprion) might make you into a zombie... which will take away the anxiety but also most other feelings (and your sex drive).


wellbutrin is good for anxiety, and does not have the same side effects as the other AD's.


everyone is different though.

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I dunno..... when I couldn't breathe and my chest felt like it was caving in and ready to explode at the same time and I couldn't sleep because I didn't know what was going on....


I don't think random natural/herbs were going to help me.


I take wellbutrin and I feel like myself again, and my anxiety and panic attacks are GONE.

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Does not being able to focus in school stem from anxiety? I used to be able to focus and I was very sharp, but now I'm constantly worrying about who's looking at me and how I'm sitting or how I look. Does anyone else go through this??


And is this a possible ADD disorder??? Not being to focus??

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