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I play out, small acoustic solo gigs and a few I like to play sort of ease my pain a bit.....


Ray LaMontagne ..............."Burn"

Ray LaMontagne................"Forever Friend"

Whiskeytown....................."Desperate Ain't Lonely", "If he can't have you"

Richard Buckner.................."Gauzy dress in the Sun", "Last Ride", "Wallet Picture"

Star Room Boys.................."I'll Play Angel"

Hank Williams III.................." Five Shots of Whiskey"

Cake................................." I Will Survive"


Lately, the songs I've been writing are about failure and relationships gone bad, that's where I am. I am a big Richard Buckner fan. He's the king of the forlorn, haunting ballads of things gone wrong.



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for me it would have to be something that either totally calmed and relaxed me in a non-sad way (albums such as astral weeks by van morrisson, sgt pepper by the beatles, or anything by buffalo springfield or nick drake) or something that totally lifted my spirits and inspired me to shout from the rooftops that its great to be alive (tracks such as refugee by tom petty and the heartbreakers, london calling by the clash, going underground by the jam, keep on rocking in the free world by neil young).


I would totally avoid all sad songs and break-up songs, and the only love songs i would listen to would be rocking great classics such as layla by eric clapton.


Avoid the blues, and go for soul instead. Try a bit of stax/atlantic/motown - you can't feel down with a bit of otis redding or james brown blasting out the speakers.

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The song I think relates perfectly to the post break up emotional rollercoaster:


Garbage- Cup of Coffee (for a pleasant sad feeling if you are coming to terms with the break up but still in the lonely phase)


However, like Papillion, I stay away from love song as much as possible. If I am angry, System of a Down will really help- it gives energy and is excellent music. Also other 'harder' music genres will take me out of the lethargy, such as The Prodigy.


If I feel it is at all possible to step out of the anger and return to my senses..., I prefer classical music, especially the work of Bach- as beautiful as a mathematical equation- where simplicity and complexity seem to be the same thing.


Does it sound like I need music more than food? I do, you know


Hope this helps.

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the ataris - the last song i will ever write about a girl




of if you want upbeat and feel good music


gorillaz - feel good inc.


atreyu is good for angry stuff anything from their "suicide notes and butterfly kisses" CD


i would set myself on fire for you (loud and incomprehensible lyrics tho)


bright eyes(emotional stuff and soft but good for break ups i guess)


q and not u is some good upbeat stuff


and the singer from q and not u has solo stuff now...His name is Ris Paul Ric...Very good mellow stuff. Not much like q and not u

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Depends on what you need to do... do you need to smile, need to laugh... or do you still need to cry?


After my breakup I listened a lot to Sia and Amy Winehouse, which are a bit of a contrast, I know. Amy gave me some empowerment with "tears dry on my own" or some righteous sadness with "take the box"... but Sia's "Church of what's happening now" was a breakthrough moment for me... that was the first moment I truly broke down and started sobbing over the whole situation - and I really, really needed to. I highly recommend at least reading those lyrics when you need a reminder that life is moving forward no matter what.

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I guess i like when certain songs can give me this sort of numbness inside. Songs that make you feel alone. Then straight after listening to some songs that give empowerment and purpose.


Makes me feel really good when those songs can break that numbness inside.



I guess i should start getting some more "happy" songs =D

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this is an interesting thread to me because I have been extremely curious about song I notice are on my ex's myspace like 80% of the time. If they arent songs that are just songs I knew he likes they are "break up" "I miss you" " I want you back" kind of songs.


He is an Ex from 6 years ago. We are both married now and he has a kid. He is married to the girl he went after right after me (and Im sure he had his eye on before we broke up) I know kinda weird. I sometimes think he broke up with me because I wouldnt sleep with him and she had sex with him within weeks of them getting together. I had lost all contact from him for years but he sent me a friend request on MS so I excepted because we had made ammends a while back and I was ok with it. I just decided I wouldnt talk to him much. He has messaged me a few times but I always kept it short and didnt say anything to continue the conversations. Also, I am able to see how much he visits my page because I have an IP address tracker. For over a year he has visited my page every weekday while he is at work. Sometimes 2 times a day. Here lately he hasnt been looking as much which is good.. So back to the music. I dont look at his page much but when I do, it seems to always be break up type songs. Here are the songs I remember. I know, strange that I would remember them but, as you can imagine its kinda interesting and fun to a girl to know a guy that broke her heart might regret the good thing he missed out on. (though Im not sure that is why he looks and has these songs). Its not that I miss him, because he is such a loser now. Its just, relieving I guess since he had broke my heart at some point.. Here are the songs.


3 doors down- Here without you baby

Stone Sour - through glass

Daughtry - Its not over

Hinder - Lips of an angel

Breaking Benjamins - Breath

Seether - reemedy

Lifehouse - Somewhere In between

Death Cab for Cutie - I will follow you into the dark

and more recently...

Tony Lucca - Death of Me

Lady Antebellum - Love dont live here


If it wasnt for I happened to be able to recongnize he looks at my page SO MUCH I would think these songs mean nothing or maybe mean something towards his wife, but I know they are together and as far as I know doing well. I dont wish for him to not be happy with her but I guess its just kinda nice to think he might miss me. Kinda mends the rejection wonds that lingers at times. Our relationship had ALOT of emotional abuse.


I know this sounds SO incredibly phyco but you have to understand I didnt initially go after all this information, it came to me then with the extreme boredom I experience everyday at work it kinda became this fun mystery to try and figure out .. I dunno. Im sure it still sounds phyco so whatever!


Pushing all my pride, enjoyment if thinking someone would miss me, this and that out like I should I AM truly Im thankful for where I am with my wonderful husband. And I do hope that he and his wife and child have a good life together. I would NEVER contact him or go along with him if he ever did try to pursue after me. Its just a childish curiosity I guess. I realize that.


Twisted us humans are. Any thoughts though on the songs and my little ex observations?

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I prefer music that has absolutely nothing to do with break-ups or girls. I prefer energetic, aggressive and dramatic music.


Viking metal is the way to go. It always cheers me up. Music by bands like Moonsorrow, Bathory or Ensiferum.


Primordial (Celtic folk metal in thios case) is good too. I'm going through a break-up now and Primordial's 'Heathen Tribes' cheers me up to no end.


EDIT: And how could i forget Devin Townsend's Synchestra and Infinity albums! They are loud, dramatic, aggressive and so very happy. It also helps to know that it is one of the few artists i love but my girlfriend absolutely loathed.

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Try listening to old school punk. Which is the complette opposite to emo, So that might be good cause I really would not suggest emo music. And it also gives that "I Don't care" additude which is great for a breakup. That, or Melodic death metal Like children of bodom or somthing. I say Melodic death metal Cause it makes you feel happier. And more incontrol acctaully. Have fun downloading lol.

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