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I e-mailed, she winked back - what next?

horse whisperer

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Okay, does anyone have advice on the best way to respond to the following on a dating site?:


1) I see a girl's profile, like it and send her a brief e-mail

2) Later that day she sends me a wink


Now, I'm assuming the next logical step is to send another e-mail (God knows why she replied to an e-mail with a wink)?


But the same thing happened last week with someone else and after a 2nd e-mail from me, no more contact - confusing. And no, the 2nd e-mail wasn't OTT, just saying thanks for the wink and suggesting we swap more e-mails or online chat etc...


So, in summary - any views on how to follow on from step 2 above?



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Are email replies email once the first one has gone out?


I don't get why she did not send an email back, even just to say she had her hands full and will need to reply in a couple days, or that she is not interested.


To me sending a wink back after someone takes the time to write an email is kind of like saying: I am not interested, but here is a consolation "prize"......I would take it as such anyway.

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Because she doesn't have a paid subscription and cannot email back. See if she has some kind of code for her real email or screen name in her profile so you can contact her off of the dating site. Otherwise, you unfortunately won't be able to really connect with her unless she signs up or you are some kind of super-sleuth and can find her online some other way.

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