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It finally went down the way it should have when we broke up. My ex calls last night, again, and i was fed up with just phone calls. I did want to be friends, but i don't even speak with people whom i consider my friends like every night or every other night. So basically i was like, when can i see you? She goes, "we're friends i don't have to see you." And then i said, "well you don't have to call me everyday like you're my girlfriend either." She goes i don't have to call you and you can get off the phone right now" and all this other garbage. What confuses me is that this type of talk is coming from someone calling me more than half the damn time, if it's that easy don't pick the phone up so often because i don't! I've went through all the logics, even if she felt sorry for me for whatever reason, she wouldn't call as much. Keeping tabs on my life wouldn't demand this constant speaking. And i've never heard that " i miss you" so there's no reason to be calling me like this if it isn't about anything. Well to end the conversation I said F*** you and hung up on her. I have never reached that point with her, probably because i like her too much, but i couldn't hold back yesterday, especially after what she was saying. I look at it like this, only she knows why she was calling me like she was and after what she was saying to me yesterday, she has to live with that, whether it was true or not. Do you guys think i went about things right?

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Yeh.Theres always a point when enough is enough,and i think it probably took you a while before you exploded didnt it?I suspect you were feeling confused and angry all at the same time and what with her being nasty it just all came out.I dont blame you,you got your point accross that you werent going to be mucked about,and now she knows the score.


The ball is in her court now,and she can decide whether she is going to act like a proper friend and not bug you all time for no apparently good reason,or whether she is going to sever all contact with you. Either way i dont think you acted wrongly,she was being manipulative from what i can gather and just wanted to keep tabs on you to boost her ego,and so that she could still feel like she had control over you.


She has no right to do this to you,and she doesnt sound like the sort of person that would be very good to have in your life.Just see what happens,but i wouldnt contact her if i were you,she'll probably feel like you are crawling back to her and that she has gained power once again.Dont let her have the satisfaction buddy!!


Good luck!

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