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Regretting Breakup?


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Im interested in knowing if guys ever regret breaking up with a girl down the road? Especially if the broke the relationship off for selfish, lustful, immature reasons. I guess It would be interesting to know either way (guy girl, girl guy) but because Im a female Im more interested into getting inside a guys head. Any thoughts? Any guys have a girlfriend that you broke up with/screwed things up with for someone else then later down the line realize you missed out and wished you had another chance?

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Despite what people like to say... not all guys think the same. We're not all sex-obsessed, imature, lustful creatures out to destroy womens' hearts. I have no idea what your X was thinking or is thinking now. Will he regret? Maybe... if he is mature enough to see what he left behind. But he also might just continue his immature ways.


If you're waiting around for him... I suggest not to. NO ONE who treats you this way is worth waiting around for. Go find a guy that treats you with respect.

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Im hardly waiting around lol. Just curious. And insecurely looking for some pride relief I guess. Even though I would never want to have anything to do with him now (because its is VERY apparent it was a blessing I didnt end up with him) It still hurts my pride to think about his rejection of me, and I guess the though of him regretting lifts me up. Though Im sure I should just rely on the plethora of other things I have in my life to do that. Its just extreme curiosity I guess.

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well i dont know.

my girlfriend broke up with me then 4 days later went on a date with one of my buddies.

shes dumped me twice before and wanted to get back with me two times again and i took her back.

she did like playing with my head, but shes more mature i guess now cause shes being nice to me. she doesnt want me back though haha.

i guess it kinda depneds on if the reason he or she left their significant other for had worked out for them. if not, they usually want to go back.

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i wasnt cheated on or anything; but i was approach by a guy in my past who was interested in me a long time ago, at the time i didnt know he had a crush on me in the past. He later told me that it was one of the reasons that he asked me to see him...a what could have happened regret he had from the past

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Ill elaborate on my curiosity on this subject based on an ex of mine. I will TRY to keep it short. We dated for a year end of HS. We were both 18/19. We were both immature. I wanted a Christian boyfriend and he seemed like a 24/7 hornball! Relationship was so fun and exciting at 1st but then we started fighting because he was mean AND.. I was pretty needy at the time I guess (again young). Most of the timewe fought over the fact that I was trying to keep us from having sex and he wanted it. He tried to act like he wanted to be good too but yeah right! He was such a jelious, insecure, mean person at times. So anyway as you can imagine all this fighting wore on us and we eventually broke up. The sucky thing is, and the reason It still stings some even today (though it was about 6 years ago) Is that he got the last word, and HE had a girl lined up right after we broke up. I was miserable and wanted out of the relationship as much as him BUT I didnt realize he was going to start dating AND having sex with this girl that was right under my nose, within 2 weeks. It just hurty my pride ya know!


SO, months after our breakup and a few times in the next year and a half he called me a few times, and even seemed to be hinting around that he missed me. I found out that is was when he was having a rough time with her. He would say things like he still loved me, but to pray for him and her bla bla.. Really confused me but I didnt care, I guess I just kinda enjoyed the idea he may realize he missed out on a much better girl. (which helps heal the pain of rejection). His rejection of me for such a * * * * ty girl was always so painful.


Well even more years and he has become the biggest loser and all I do when I think of him is be thankful we didnt work out! I also learned SO much from our break up.

Now he is married ot that very girl and has a kid.


Here is were recent events come in. We both live in the same small town but really I never run into him. I hear thing about him occasionally through mutual friends. BUT a year ago he sent me a friend request on Myspace and I excepted. He has messaged me a few times on there but I DO NOT talk to him. the few times he has tried to talk to me I keep it short and end the convo. The things I have noticed on myspace though that make me think he REALLY misses me is that he visits my page alot. Ive always had an IP adress tracker and because I saw where he works on his page when I have looked (which isnt very often) I am able to see he visits from his work. For a whole year he visted EVERY weekday. Also when I do look at his page he has sad, "I miss you" "Breakup" type songs. I dunno its like this fun mystery to me that Im curious about. I guess the immature side of me enjoys the thought he might miss me even though I dont want to ahve anything to do with him, Im glad he is married and has a cute little girl, And of course I am VERY happily married. I guess after being rejected like that for such degrading reasons a part of you wonders if a guy like him would see what they missed out on. Not that I think IM this crazy wonderful girl but I have a heck of alot more going on than,... well, her. I atleast respect myself. She was a pretty permiscious girl and since both me and him were Christians I never imagined that is what he wanted over someone with respect and character.


Anyway sorry so long

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Im glad it worked out for you Laura. Your story makes me feel better about myself. My girlfriend, who is in high school, just broke up with me a few days ago (I just entered college). As much as I do hope that she regrets what she did as much as I have, I really do wish her the best. I love this girl to death (at the moment ) and hope I can love another just as much.

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