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Am I losing it? Or is he hiding something?


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I met some of my boyfriends friends last night for the first time (the moment of truth!). It went really well and I got along well with his friends. But a something came up that made me a little uneasy....


We went to see a stand up comedian. My boyfriend started saying that he had seen one two months ago who was really hilarious. Then his friend butted in and said "no silly, that was with ME two weeks ago". I was a little confused because my boyfriend sees me pretty much everyday, and on the days he doesn't we text and talk on the phone for a fair amount of time. If he went to see a comedian, it wouldn't have passed me. So I asked his friend who they went with. His friend looked fairly uneasy and looked at my boyfriend for re-assurance. He then said "umm... some friends...". It was really awkward and I'm not too sure why. I wouldn't have cared if my boyfriend went out with some friends, but I don't understand why he wouldn't have told me.


On the car ride home I asked him when exactly he went to see the comedian and he said he didn't remember, I asked him who exactly he went with and he said he didn't remember that either... after that the topic was dropped.


I have only been dating my boyfriend for a month and prior to this I really trusted him (I do have trusting issues). I am 19 and he is 26, which worries me a little as well. Also, I don't want him to think that I am a nut bag by bringing the topic up again. Am I making too big of a deal out of this? I don't know why, but I just have a bad feeling.

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guys like to lie to spare your feelings, usually when they don't think it's a big deal but know you might think it is.


i'd be willing to bet his ex was there, that's all.... try not to think of it! he's 26 and probably has a few ex's floating around, it just comes with dating someone older!



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well, you've been only dating for a month and he went two months ago. to be honest, it was probably a date or something and he just didn't want to say. But it was before you guys started dating, so I wouldn;t worry. he was just probably trying to spare your feelings. he didn't do anything wrong as it was two months ago prior. i wouldn't worry about this one incident, he probably felt awkward telling you it was a date or something. if something like this happens again...while you are dating, then you can be concerned. but just don't worry. he probably didn't want to talk about it or make you upset.


he could have been honest and if you really want to know, then ask...but it was in the past and he probably didn't want to talk about the past (since it probably meant nothing), since he's focused on you and the present/future. he rpobably didn't really it slipped form his mouth and felt stupid and tried to forget the whole thing.

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even still, if it were two weeks ago, that means you were only dating for two weeks at the time. still could be a date...i don't think anyone is eclusive in two weeks. at least not me...I've dated more than one person at a time my first month and often do not share my dates with the other guy, etc...usually no more than two weeks to a month, then usually I can't go on further, depending on how I connect with the guy. don't worry, it was 2 weeks into dating. he wasn't exclusive yet...or was he...just look at his actions going forward.

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