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How do I keep a date interesting?


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Hey guys!


I met a girl last semester in college and right now we are like potential friends. But now that i'm getting to know her i'm feeling attracted to her. I really want to ask her out, but my problem is that I don't know what to talk about in a date, or how to keep it interesting and fun. My mind just goes in blank when having conversation.


any suggestions?



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My advice would be to make a list of things you want to ask her about or talk about with her. If you know her from school that brings up some more topics of conversation. Memorize the list and have a couple 'emergency' topics in particular to pull out if the conversation begins to wane. She might have plenty of stuff she wants to talk to you about, but be prepared with enough material to go the whole time if you need it.


Another option would be to take her out to something that doesn't require as much conversation as a meal date, like bowling or ice skating or a movie.


In terms of actual topics to talk about, there's plenty of stuff you can ask about her like where she is from, what her parents do, what classes she has taken, etc. But don't ask her too many questions like this or she might start to feel like she's being interrogated .

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