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Are We Really Friends?


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Hey everyone! I have having some problems with two of my so called friends. I used to be kind of shy and never went out. Coincidentally I made friends who were similar. Lately I have been going out and socializing with everyone! Meeting people which I really love doing. I dont know but it seems like every time I try something new and something I enjoy doing myself they always make fun of me about it and it really upsets me. I just told them flat out I did not care about what they thought about me and that I enjoy doing what I do. But in turn when they do something different I accept it and I dont make fun of them. And it seems like its all hush hush when they are around each other. They are my closest friends and I just feel like they dont want me to get out more in life or something. I am not sure but I really don't want to relate to them as much as I did because I know how a good friend really is... What should I do?

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