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being stand offish


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Ok, not sure if most guys are like this but my boyfriend is. If we are together say 3 days straight, by day 3 hes still loving, but not as much, kinda does his own thing, no biggie. Now if after that I become stand offish and dont see him for a couple days, and maybe not call, let him call me. I get the "do you still like me, are you sure" I get that like 4 times a night...then we hang out again for a few days straight and its back to him doing his thing, calling here and there, and when we are together hes loving, just not as much. Not worried, just think its kinda funny. After only a few days of doing my own thing, he starts questioning me as if I dont like him anymore.

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no disagreements with the prior posts. i just to add a little bit more though.


for some odd reason he needs to hear i love you for reassurance. it looks to me like once a bit of a distance of a few days is established, he is fearful your feelings have changed. maybe he was in a relationship prior to you that made him be this way, this could be dependant upon the circumstances of how it ended. i see you like to do your own thing in a relationship and not feel too much pressure, which is fine, but some people are different in relationships and must adapt to that style of dating. at least he is doesnt appear to be overly clingly, which is good.

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