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taking a girl from work for lunch tomorrow


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Hi all,

Need a small bit of advice if possible.

There's a girl at work, who is casually seeing another guy (not someone from work and not someone I know) but isn't that keen on him but tomorrow I'm going for lunch with her during our break.

We get on really well. Exchange e-mails throughout the day, sometimes text messages too. She tells me that I really make her laugh (with, not at).


I just e-mailed her today and asked if she fancied going to the pub for lunch today. She said she couldn't today cos she was busy but would tomorrow.


Anyway being completely useless at this sort of thing I guess I'm just after a bit of advice about the best way of sussing things out over whether we're going as mates, or if she likes me a bit more. Also, how to suggest going out again but doing something a bit more formal.

Note, she likes quirkiness and humour.


Thank you

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I would not jump in and ask anything yet. Have you gone on a situation like this before?? I say you see how lunch goes and if it goes well maybe you can say something like oh would you like to try this for dinner sometime. I would be careful though because how serious is this thing with this other guy. Also, do you speak to her as just a friend or have you suggested interest at all. ya know flirting.

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