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Making new friends

darklys girl

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how old are you?

if you go to school, just talk to you classmates and kinda do something together.....

girls talk all the time. so talk about boys, fashion or whatever girls talk about. you probably know better than me. Maybe next time you can tell someone that you are going to shop new cloth and ask them if she can follow you!


but me as a boy I just do like this:

hi dude,

dude I just bought call of duty 4 yesterday, its so cool and blah blah blah about the game.

he will probably tell me: can I come to you house and play together?`

if he didnt then I ask him, do you wanna come and play? I wanna try its multiplayer and ...

later I tell him to sleep in my house and then we are good friends.

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I moved to the other end of the country and it did take a while before I felt I had 'real' new friends. Basically be open to meeting people, then meet with the friends of those people...and it spirals! It helped me to go to small club nights and chat to people, and the internet is also brilliant to find people in the area, most people are pretty nice if you send a little message introducing yourself, especially in small towns!

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