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My exboyfriend and my boyfriendf are good friends, everytime i call my boyfriend on the phone and he is around he would talk so loud that i could hardly hear anything my boyfriend is saying. Then he would say things like " Come home babe come home" to my boyfriend. also" me gason", i not spending my new years night with no woman. These are remarks from my exboyfriend to my boyfriend.


He would always ask my friend about me, eg: where me, give him my number, bababa, Then he would tell my friend say hello to me for him. My exboyfriend and i dont talk. When he see's me he will excite his self sooo much , eg: talk to get my attention, and then looks at me.


When my boyfriend goes and check him he would talk and talk so my boyfriend will stay around him longer, he does that even when im here too.


Just need to know what you guy's think of that and what my exboyfriend is trying to do.

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