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Is something wrong with me?


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Hi this is tony again but with a friend's sn. I always have bad luck creating an account for I'm using my friend's. If any of you remember my last post it was me and my g/f having a drunken christmas argument.


I just had a terrible break-up an hour ago and so my mind is in a turmoil state. We had another argument again in her house and the only words that came from me after breaking a big silence was that it was over. I left and slam the door but yet she kept following me then for some reason she told me I gave her the silent treatment along with a cold glare enough to scare her. For some reason I kept bitting my nails and getting nervous but then I compose myself again.


At some moment I picture myself doing something to her that I would have regret my whole life.


I have no idea what went within me because in my previous relationships there was never a time when I wanted to lash out. As for now I want to be single until I find out what really make me even thought of hurting her.

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Some people just bring out the worst in each other. you are thinking of hurting this woman? stay as far away from her as you can possibly get. let things cool and them move the heck on to someone who doesnt make you feel this way. if all women make you feel this way then the problem lies entirely with you.


No not all women have made me feel this way, only her. I already broke up with her, I realize that if I wanted to hurt her then it was best to leave her.

I must say I have never been like this before and now it's like this dark side within me is showing up.

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