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Friendship comfirmed "OVER".... letter

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Call perception to what I'm saying. it's like this...short and Not so Sweet, but it gets to the point.


Dear Jen, i'm sorry to do this, but i believe it's best if i say what needs to be said, To benifit Both of us.


You were blowing me off for a reason. That reason I may never know.


I surmise, meaning "An idea or opinion based on unstable conclusive evidence":


the following, been because of Rob (i.e.) past invitations i made,...perhaps lack of attraction, per-say "not being everything to fit minimal standards you set" fear of boredom with me, who knows. Negative and true as it is, i could care less, You felt like you needed to make some sort of effort to affiliate/accommodate yourself with me because you felt bad about me holding that feeling, And wanted to keep leading me on, Into thinking me and you were going to hang-out, really it wouldn't of mattered to me where/ when or even time basis, you always being busy, and hearing that over and over again didn't add up....you made plans with others and picking up on that made me VERY emphasize the word VERY, ----hurt...... But attempting every so often, Still GOT me no where, and a chance that was/never Going to occur set in after (3) months, all i got was more slack in the rope, And that Got me NO where fast.


keep forever that i said from the beginning "puting a women First" hark attention Now too those words, and how they had so much of a powerful meaning, While that meaning being stagnant, Went from that to nothing, oblivious as the weeks passed. as your communication burned, you destroyed important feelings, and i don't again see those feelings re-surfacing.


In addition to my Theory, You Remember those words you said "you don't want to make someone feel like last resort" Sort of to late for that...being 3 months, and only calling.....um 1-3 times. Impressively i stood my ground.


So now that you don't have to worry about me, because iv 'e washed my hands and came clear with what i wanted to say, and playing games with my head wasn't something i was going to tolerate anymore. Bottom Line____



I have to say, because I'm so incredibly honest, and kosher with me thoughts, I admit you do have game, But one day that game is going to end with some very harsh, malice, mental consequences and repercussions. mark those words.....Everyone has there time to shine, but without Re fractions of light that shine isn't there, and I'm decisively NOT a light. it's OFF or ON, can't keep doing both, It can be bad for the circuitry of some ones heart. *thought of that myself*




conclusively I guess this means Goodbye, Nice meeting you for the relative short time we did, i can't Be around fallacious people. *walk away with my head up high*


PLEASE let me know what you think, and feel free to add in your own words/phrases if you want


Thanks again

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Well I hope you're trying to get rid of her forever, because that was quite harsh, and will do the job. As I was reading, I kept feeling hurt, then I remembered it wasn't for me, but felt bad for the receiver. If this is what you want, go ahead, but just remember not to burn any bridges.

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vlcm i want to BURN those bridges, she DID me so wrong, again and again, it was Very mind stressing, and manipulative of her to keep trying to make it seem like i was a friend, when really the communication wasn't even there to be labeled friends...so i was like WTF, Forget this...i did so much for her, me feel sorry for her, the letter is too harsh, Pshhhhhh Please....she is the one who is harsh, deceiving, and thinks everyone should drop down as a doormat when she shuts down towards men, and walks all over them...Sorry for my language but F^ck that....



I can't be myself anymore, it is getting me NO WHERE...absolutely NO where...

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The textbook response would be not to send such a harch letter, but I'm gonna say go for it. If she's as bad as you say, let her have it. Sometimes it seems that women get off easy in the relationship field while men get slammed left and right. Let her know that you're p*ssed.

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You say let her know your MAD (pissed) well how do i go about that....if you say don't let her have the letter....than what do i do..? ignore her AGAIN, for 3 weeks like i did last time, until she came up to me the last time and pinned me up againts the wall and said "why the hell are you not talking to me, what did i do" and i explained she offend me, she said Sorry, and we were friends again, but IT'S all come back to that ame point, back at the start...and i don't know how to get to the End?

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There are two issues I need to address with the way you needed to handle the situation.


Ok, first off you are right in not worrying about burning bridges. I noticed that there were some posters that jumped on the bandwagon about that, but I adamantly disagree. You do not need this girl at all, plain and simple.


Second, there is also nothing wrong with honest communication, but you do not need to call her on her actions at all!! A previous poster told you to let her have it, but it is not the way a man who is successful with women works.


Calling a girl on her actions only justifies what she did to you further in her mind, and that will come back to haunt you and other men in the future who deal with this woman.


If you truly wanted her out of your life completely then your response

should have been no longer then "I have plenty of friends to occupy my time, so have a nice life." Then lose contact with her permanently.....


Next time a woman tells you that she considers you a "just a friend," or is generally manipulative or controlling always give her that line or similar above. Unless you mind that sex isn't an option in those sort of relationships of course.....

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